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Vital Signs: Personal Worship

January 23, 2022   /   Vantage Point Church

Vital Signs
#3 – Personal Worship

Am I personally worshiping the Lord all day every day?

Why personal worship? 

1) God is worshipers who worship the right the right

2) Personal Worship is for corporate worship 

3) We have a hard time what worship is really about

We make worship more about than the who is deserving of all our worship all day every day. 

When personal worship to God becomes our priority it becomes the behind why we do anything and the that determines if what is done is for the right reason.

  • Personal worship is the key factor to avoiding the traps of and

So what is Personal worship?

Worship is what we

  • Worship is our to God
  • Both and  
  • For who He and what He’s
  • Expressed by the things we and the way we our lives.

Personal Worship is about our lives to God

Personal Worship involves everything we and  

  • Personal worship is living for the Lord, literally moment of the day

Personal Worship is about making a

Personal worship is about devotion for the Lord

Personal Worship is about of God’s presence 

Personal Worship is about for success 

  • If you just think you are going to wake up and naturally worship God – you are destined to fail. 

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