Reset – Your Finances

May 2, 2021   /   The Rock Church

Reset – Your Finances


CNN Business News says that 76 Million Americans are struggling financially.

CBS goes further saying that 70% of Americans say they are struggling. says: 27% of Americans claim that they’d need to borrow money for a $400 expense.

Why did Jesus spend more time talking about money than any other subject? (by far)

  1. How we handle our money impacts our Fellowship with the Lord.
  2. Possessions compete with the Lord for Mastery of our lives. Matthew 6:24
  3. A third of our lives is spent either Earning money or Spending it.

As we talk about RESETTING OUR FINANCES, let’s talk about one of the most frustrating things a Christian faces: How To Give Money Away. God says a lot about that in His Word…

  • A key question: How does God evaluate our Action of Giving?
  • He evaluates our Action of giving on the basis of our .
  • God is a .… motivated by love. John 3:16
  • Not legalistically, like the Pharisees. Matthew 23:23


  • When we give to God what is rightfully His, He turns around and blesses us.
  • Jesus said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35
  1. An Increase In Intimacy – our attention and hearts are drawn to Christ. Matthew 6:21
  2. An Increase in Character“Giving is not God’s way of raising money; it is God’s way of raising people into the likeness of His Son.”
  3. An Increase in Heaven“Lay up treasures In Heaven…” Matthew 6:20, Philippians 4:17
  4. An Increase On EarthProverbs 11:24, 25; 2 Corinthians 9:6, 11


  • 500 years before the Law, Abraham gave 10% to Melchizadek, God’s Priest Genesis 14:18-20
  • 400 years before the Law, Jacob determined to give back to God 10% of all God gave him Genesis 28:22
  • Why did God give the law? (So that men would know what pleased Him.)
  • He says: “Bring me a tithe of everything you produce.” Deuteronomy 14:22-29
  • God condemned Israel for not giving properly. Malachi 3:8-10
  • If we are living under Grace and Not Law, why aren’t we giving MORE than a tenth, as the New Testament church did? Acts 4:32-37

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