Blessings From a Broken Heart

April 18, 2021   /   Snyder First Assembly

It is important that we as followers of Jesus acknowledge that there will be a moments that we will have broken hearts, disappointments, and loss.  The trouble comes when we are not willing to accept what has happened. How do we move forward in those moments?  How can we rectify disappointment and heartbreak with God being a good God?  

Es importante que nosotros, como seguidores de Jesús, reconozcamos que habrá momentos en los que tendremos corazones quebrantados, desilusiones y pérdidas. El problema surge cuando no estamos dispuestos a aceptar lo que ha sucedido. ¿Cómo avanzamos en esos momentos? ¿Cómo podemos rectificar la decepción y la angustia de que Dios sea un buen Dios?

Psalm 23:1-3

    Three parts to this.  

    1. He makes me – Causes me to lie down or because of him I can lie down.  

    1. Él me hace – Me hace acostarme o porque de él puedo acostarme.

    2. Lie down –  a posture of confidence in his shepherd.  No Worry, anxiety or stress.  He is full, fulfilled and  at peace.  

    2. Descansar: una postura de confianza en su pastor. Sin preocupaciones, ansiedad o estrés. Está lleno, realizado y en paz.

    3. Green Pastures – He is in a right place in the right season. 

    3. Pastos verdes: está en el lugar correcto en la temporada correcta.

      Matthew 5:4 


      What being blessed does NOT mean: Lo que ser bendecido NO significa:

      1. Being blessed does not mean I will always be happy. Ser bendecido no significa que siempre seré feliz.

      Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4

      2. Being blessed does not mean I won’t grieve. Ser bendecido no significa que no me entristezca.


      3 things you can do with grief.  3 cosas que puedes hacer con el dolor.

        • Repress it – unconsciously
        • Reprímelo – inconscientemente
        • Suppress it – consciously 
        • Suprimirlo – conscientemente
        • Express it – purposely 
        • Expresalo – a propósito


      Growth does not happen without change. El crecimiento no ocurre sin cambio

      Change does not happen without loss. El Cambio no ocurre sin pérdida.

      Loss does not happen with grief.  La pérdida no ocurre sin dolor.

      Grief does not happen without love. El dolor no ocurre sin amor.

      Psalm 32:1-3

      You have to go through grief.  You can not go around grief. 

      You don’t get over loss. You get through loss. 

      1. God gets close when you are hurting 

      Psalm 34:18 

      Hebrews 13:5 (b)

      1. God grieves with you. 

      Isaiah 53:3

      John 11:33-36  

      Do not be afraid to show emotions.  

      Jesus was sent to comfort us.  

      Isaiah 61:2-3 


      3. God gives us people in his Kingdom to help us.  

      Healing comes in community. Romans 12:5, 10, 15 NLT

      How do I help someone in pain?

      1. Never minimize someone’s pain.  Never say the words “at least”.  
      1. Don’t try to fix someone pain. You can not fix it so just be there.  
      2. Never rush people in pain. A feeling is not right or wrong.  It is just a feeling. It is what I do with it that becomes a blessing or curse.  
      3. God uses grief to help me grow.  

      Proverbs 20:30 Todays English Version

      Romans 8:28 NIV NLT

      2 Corinthians 4:17-18

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