River of Life Church
September 5, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
John 5:2-8


September 5, 2021 / John 5:2-8


TEXT: John 5:2-8

God has been speaking to me about healing. Healing is integral to ROL. It is part of our Spiritual DNA.

-In 1929 a great revival was launched because of a major miracle of a man’s life who was facing certain death. Thousands came to THE GREAT GLEN SPRINGS REVIVAL. The revival eventually moved to 51 Hwy to the same piece of property that this congregation voted to purchase 3 weeks ago. It is amazing to me that God is taking us full circle.

-ROL’S Mission statement is: “A place of Healing and Freedom.”

-Going forward: God will have us connect the Vision of Healing, Freedom, and our Future together.


-We live in a world of impossibilities. We live in a world with a lot of sick people.

The world that had all the answers has few to no answers now. The world is beyond frustrated.

I WANT THIS MESSAGE TO INCREASE YOUR FAITH. Stick with the scripture. It tells us the expressed will of God.

Luke 1:37; Matthew 19:26; Luke 18:27

POINT #1- God’s desire is to heal.

POINT #2- God’s desire is to heal the body, soul & spirit.

POINT #3- We must believe to receive.

POINT #4- We must respond.

ILLUS.: There are people in this congregation that have been healed, and there are others who we prayed for many times that did not get healed. There are some things you have to leave with God. You have to say, God you are GOOD.

BOTTOM LINE: It is God’s will to heal.

  1. Your physical health is connected to spiritual health.

        2. Your spiritual health is the most important thing.

        3. You cannot be at war with God and receive the benefits of God.

        4. You cannot violate the word of God and receive the will of God.

*The spiritual affects the physical. The God of the natural is the God of the supernatural.

*The supernatural laws of God are without fail. They exist. They are real. They are available to whosoever will.

*Miracles happen when we meet God’s conditions for a miracle. *We shouldn’t be surprised when a miracle happens, but we are. *We have become accustomed to our prayers not being answered.

How many diseases does God heal? All of them.

We often categorize disease into sub-categories:

Like small ones, and large ones. Whatever it might be- God can HEAL.  He was and He is a healer of all peoples for all times. There is nothing that God cannot do.

Psalm 103:2-3

TEXT: John 5:2-8

This man at the Pool of Bethsaida was ill for 38 years.

Jesus said: “Do you want to be made well?”

It almost seems insensitive that a man that is called the GREAT PHYSICIAN would ask such a question. Jesus knew that some people don’t want to be well. They have become dependent on their illness. It is their personality.

They enjoy the pity; they enjoy the excuse.

Some learn how to control other people with their sickness.

-If they get well, they wouldn’t get attention anymore.

-If they got well, they may have to go to work (God forbid).

-If they got well, they wouldn’t have a reason why they are not involved in God’s work.


ILLUS.: I have seen the Lord’s healing in many areas of my life.

Reflux veins, Torn rotator cuff, Gluten allergies, immune system weakness, and many more.

Question # 1 – Do you want to be healed?

That is the question. Jesus challenged this man to act upon His faith.

To the man with the withered hand, Jesus said: “Stretch out your hand.” Jesus said to the damsel: “Damsel I say Arise.”

Paul in Acts 14-said to the man who was lame on His feet. “Stand up on your feet.”The man leaped and walked! He immediately responded. He didn’t say: “Heh I have been standing here on the street corner for 10 years with a tin cup.”

POINT: When you want what you have never had, you must do what you have never done.

At the end of the service today, we will have a prayer line.

A prayer line for healing in Jesus’ name. When you need what you never have had, you must do what you have never done.

Question #2-What are you willing to do to receive your healing?

God said to Moses: “Moses put your stick in the Red Sea, and it will divide.”

God taught Moses how to act on faith.

God told Moses to throw the staff down.

The staff was a symbol of God’s abiding presence, and that Moses was willing to step out in faith.


Question #3- Do you have faith to believe?


The woman with the issue of blood.

She looked at Jesus, and said: “If I can get there; I can be healed.”

She reached for the “seet-seet”.  That twisted coil. “Cresbidon in the Greek.

The cord that said: “The Word of God and the name of the Lord.”

She touched Jesus with persistence. Persistent faith wins the victory.

“Have Faith in God.”-Declarative Sentence.

-I listen to many people discuss the conditions of their beliefs, they discuss why faith won’t work, why God won’t answer prayer. They spend 20 minutes discussing conditions before they actually get to the point. “I have arthritis…”

God’s word says: “Have Faith in God.” Cuts to the chase. We often say: Have faith.

Bible says: “Have Faith in God.”

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Hearing the word, not the oppressive news cycle.

Proverbs 4:20-22; Luke 7:6

Right now as you listen to the word, your faith battery is being charged. When your faith battery is charged, your healing gets closer.  You begin to have the capacity to believe God for great and mighty things.

-You are sensing in your spirit-God can do this. God can heal me.

Matthew 20:29-34

Faith comes; a continuance verb; it comes progressively, continuously. Your faith builds up.

Every Christian owes it to themselves to pray and read the word to grow their faith. You can’t wait until you need a major prayer answer and say, well I need to read about 100 chapters to increase my faith. Increase your faith now.

How are we saved? By Faith.

How are we healed? By faith.

How do we live? The just shall live by faith.

Mark 11:23

This verse is full of foundations of faith.  Faith that receives, and the power of your profession.


The Foundation for your Faith for Healing. James 5:15

ILLUS.: I am a first-generation preacher. I have seen people go into hospital rooms, and pray in emotions, I have seen people pray emotional prayers-The people get sicker, and that prayer doesn’t do anything.

BUT the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the  Lord shall raise them up.

I John 5:14=

Is it God’s will to heal you? Yes, it is.

Jesus was and is a healer. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. There’s no place in the Bible where it says that miracles aren’t for today.

People say: I don’t believe in miracles. You will when you need one.

Luke 5 – Lord, if you wilt you can make me whole. Jesus said: “I will be thou made whole.”


Sickness came as a result of sin in the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve lived a perfect life, in a perfect place with a perfect body. There was no sickness until they sinned and disobeyed God. They were seduced by the word of poverty and sin.

The man was cursed, the woman was cursed, the children were cursed, the world and everything in it was cursed.

Don’t say, my sickness is from God-You need to learn how to say: God is my ever-present help in a time of trouble.


God has a healing economy. When the death angel went through Egypt. Blood was on the door post.  Pharoah, -Type of devil. Bondage-type of sin.

Bondage broken, by the shed blood of the lamb.

The Bible says: “When I see the blood, I will pass over you.”-This is where we get the word Passover.

They left Egypt, they went through the Red Sea-A type of Salvation and water baptism, and the 1st thing that God offered His people was Divine Healing.

Exodus 15:25 –(40 years they had perfect health -7 days. 6.5 Million people perfectly healthy for 40 years.

That is a supernatural staggering miracle.


If Jesus can heal in Syria, He can heal in Munford. If He can heal in Bethsaida, He can heal in Tipton County.   

If He healed people with fevers in the Bible, He can heal people with fevers today.

-I want you to start believing God with me. Pray this prayer: God let my hands heal the sick. Give me your healing virtue.

Healing is for the Church today. James 5:15

At the end of this service, I am going to call for the Staff and Intercessors to come. If God wanted healing to end, if it was to be over with, why did God tell the last Apostle to keep doing it, and why did the Holy Spirit who is God tell James to write in the book, so it would be done for all coming generations?

  • It is easier to deny that miracles are for today, it is easier to say that God doesn’t heal, rather than seek the face of God until you are ready for a miracle.
  • It is a lot easier to deny to a spirit-filled life than to cleanse yourself, by the confession of your faith, and be filled with the HS.”

Mark 16:15


You can lay claim to any promise that is in this book. Laying your hands, on someone’s Rolls Royce and claiming it, is a stupid confession. Claiming that God will send you money in the mail, so you don’t have to work, is a dumb confession. God does have some stupid children. People see people like that, and they say if that is representative of the kingdom of God, then I don’t want anything to do with that. Just because someone’s elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top, doesn’t mean that they represent the kingdom.

Hebrews 10:23

You can confess, whatever is in the word of God. “Life and Death is in the power of the tongue.” Ask most people: how they are?  TIRED – STRESSED – OVER-WHELMED Confessing death doesn’t give you healing properties.

Mark 11:22-23

The thing that separates us from the animal kingdom is the power of our speech. We have the capacity to speak. The thing that distinguishes God from other lumps of clay is that God speaks.

Genesis-“God spoke”. Throughout the Bible: “God said.”  He hasn’t stopped speaking.

Matthew 8:23Jesus calmed the sea of Galilee. (The Sea of Galilee sits between 2 mountain ranges, when the wind blows down through the mountain ranges, it becomes a wind tunnel. A calm sea can easily become a tempestuous sea.

The Bible says that Jesus awoke, and rebuked the winds, He told the winds to be still.  Greek: “Be muzzled”.

Book of Acts – When the Disciples prayed for people-They spoke to the sickness. They didn’t pray: Lord if it is your will, if you can, if you get around to it, please remember us, and think about us if you have time.

Rather-pray this: “In Jesus’s name I curse every cell that isn’t of the Lord. I bind and rebuke every cancer in Jesus’ name.

Die by the authority of the word of God. BE HEALED…..

Acts 3:1-8:  Gate called beautiful. They said: Look on us. “In Jesus of Nazareth, rise and walk.”

THEY spoke in Power and Authority. This has been given to the believers through Jesus Christ. Every one of you who are saved, have the authority; you don’t need to call a healing ministry, you can pray the prayer of faith, and speak the word of faith, because God will do what He said He’ll do, and He’ll answer in the way, He said, He would answer.

I am talking about The Power of Your Profession:

Upon this rock, I will build my church. That is a confession of His Lordship. The gates of Hell shall not prevail against you. I have given you the keys to the kingdom.

ILLUS.: Keys-I have given you keys to the very best thing.  You have been given power and authority.

Use the keys of  your authority, and heaven will respond.  There is no doubt.

Job 22:28

Numbers 13:17 (12 spies) God said it is yours. God guaranteed it. God said, go and take it. God said, it is yours. Just as soon as you put your foot down, it is yours. When Caleb quieted the people: He said, “Though there are giants in the land, we are well able to take it.” That is a statement of fact, based on the word of God. The others said: “We are not able to go up against these people.”

POINT: In the Hebrew language the word BUT, carries a different understanding than the English counterpart.

When you use the word BUT- it is the equivalent of an accountant’s zero. It zeroes out everything before it.

We say: “I know God said we can have it, I know He promised it, I know God wants us to have it……BUT…You have just zeroed out everything.=

Everything you speak after that – You have to live by.

They said: We won’t go up into the land, and we will die in this wilderness, and they did. They got exactly what they said.

The only 2 people who went into the promised land were Joshua and Caleb.

Joshua and Caleb got what they believed that they could confess with their mouths. They were to accept it by faith.

Romans 10:8-9

How do you receive Salvation? By the confession of your mouth.

ILLUS.: Scientists have found that when the brain hears your mouth speak something then your hypothalamus records it as fact. The importance of salvation and speaking the word of God is: “I believe that Jesus is my Lord.” That is why when someone is born again, we encourage them to tell people: “I have been saved. I was born again.”

Romans 10:10; Joshua 1:8; Romans 4:17

Everyone has a divine destiny. Are you reaching yours

Are you playing in a mud-hole when God has a NIAGARA of potential?  Get out of the PIG PEN, and get into the waterfall. Joel 3:10


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