River of Life Church
September 12, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Isaiah 53:4-5
Matthew 8:17; I Peter 2:24


September 12, 2021 / Isaiah 53:4-5 Matthew 8:17; I Peter 2:24

TEXT: Isaiah 53:4-5; Matthew 8:17; I Peter 2:24


I care deeply about the people at ROL. You are more than a congregation, you are family. In many ways, I feel closer to you than many blood relatives. We are connected by blood…the blood of the cross.

-Our Mission statement is: “A place of Healing and Freedom.”

-God wants to heal, and God wants to set people free!

-Going forward God is connecting the Vision of Healing, Freedom and our Future together.

Growing in God, growing in grace, maturing in God is always decided by us.


We have as much of God’s presence as we want.

The time of God’s visitation, the time of God’s breakthrough is decided by our pursuit of God’s presence.

IN CHRIST -Every moment is an equal opportunity moment.

POINT #1- God’s desire is to heal.

POINT #2- God’s desire is to heal the body, soul & spirit.

POINT #3- We must believe to receive.

POINT #4- We must respond.

God intimately cares about the needs in our lives.

*The supernatural laws of God are without fail. They exist.

They are real. They are available to whosoever will.

*Miracles happen when we meet God’s conditions for a miracle.

*We shouldn’t be surprised when a miracle happens, but we are.

*We have become accustomed to our prayers not being answered.

*We have begun to think. That’s just the way it is.

How many diseases does God heal? All of them.

Divine Healing: “Divine Healing is an act of God through faith in Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit. It is initiated by the word of God whereby the body/soul/mind/spirit is cured, healed, repaired from sickness and disease and made whole.”

Many need to be healed but struggle with unforgiveness, bitterness, and disobedience.

-Sooner or later, it will happen in your life, the phone will ring, and your calm, well-ordered life will become a storm.

-I believe in the power of our God!

-I have seen people receive miraculous touches from God.

-I also understand that there is ultimate healing, where God takes us home and gives us a new body.


Paul said: “I see through a glass darkly, but one day I shall see Him face to face.”

HONEST HERE: I have preached some funerals where I prayed my guts out. After the funeral, I went home and starred at the walls for 2-3 hours. WHY? I loved those people. I wanted to see them live a long life. (I’m not God)

I have heard: It’s incurable, unsolvable, untreatable, and unbeatable.

Today I am talking about the healing power of a resurrected savior. There may come a time that a phone call says, one of your loved ones has been in an accident. A car crash has occurred.

Your loved one sits there on the verge of death.

Or maybe a spouse walks in and says: “I want a divorce, our marriage is meaningless.” The love is lost. I want this over.

You need a miracle to survive.

I have good news for you today. The God that we serve has no limitation, our only limitation is our ability to believe Him.

There will be a time, that you will face a health crisis, financial crisis. There will be a time, that fear will grip your heart like a lion claw. Fear will say: It’s over-Can I tell you that it isn’t over till God says it’s over.

How are we going to breakthrough in this life?

ILLUS.: Phil Wickham, “Battle Belongs”

“So when I fight, I’ll fight on my knees, With my hands lifted high
Oh God, the battle belongs to You, And every fear I lay at Your feet
I’ll sing through the night, Oh God, the battle belongs to You

I am talking about speaking and acting by faith when it doesn’t seem like you should. In fact, some folks just shake their head, and say: “Well, He isn’t facing reality.”

But there is a greater one shaking His head.

My father in Heaven is nodding His approval – I look unto Jesus who is the author and finisher of my faith!

I may not see much, but I take off my religion glasses and put on my Jesus glasses!

I see God’s goodness, HIS healing, and His presence.


On creation morning in the book of Genesis God took a lump of clay and made man, and then He breathed into that dirt, and man became a living being.” His breath represents life.

RUOCK: “Breath of Life”. You became a living, physical entity.

The God of the Bible separated the day from the night.

He flung the stars into their orbit.

John 1:3

The Bible says God our heavenly father holds the 7 seas in the palms of His hands.

He is the shepherd of the stars. He calls them by name.

He is the God of power and majesty.

He is the God of grace and glory. The God of power and patience.

He is the God that saved us, and breathed into us, and made us His very own.

He breathed life into the body of Lazarus who was dead and was stinking for 4 days.

He breathed life into the dead reproductive womb of Sarah who at 90, and Abraham at 100 were well past childbearing years.

Together they produced a son: Issac the son of laughter. 

He touched the paralytic, He healed the blind, deaf & dumb.

He is the God of the miraculous, He parts the seas, He feeds manna to 6 million Jewish men, women, and children for 40 years.

There was not one sick person among the Jewish people for 40 years. He caused the water to gush from the rock @ Horeb, and water came and nourished millions of people and millions of animals.

-He caused the sun to stand still for Joshua.

-He causes the sun to move backward for Hezekiah. -He muzzled the mouths of the lions of Daniel.

-He walked in the furnace with Shadrack, Meshack, and Abednego, which was over 2000 degrees.

-God the father gave His Son Jesus Christ to be born from a virgin’s womb in a manger in Bethlehem -Defying every law of medical science. He is the Lord of Glory, and Jesus became the healing Jesus! Glory to His name.

People came to hear Jesus because He had unusual power.

He healed in a variety of ways.

Once Jesus prayed for a man-1x and he was healed.

He prayed for another 2 x’s, and he was healed.

He prayed for another, and spit into the dust, and made a salve and told the man to wash his eyes.

RE: Why? Because the Jewish people believed that there was healing virtue in the spittle of the firstborn of the son of God.

When Jesus did that, He was saying I am the firstborn, I am the only begotten son of God.

He healed blood diseases. He healed incurable diseases. He can give a new life. Jesus healed nerve disorders. He healed the centurion’s servant a great way off, proving that there is no distance in prayer. At the end of this service, we are going to petition God for answers to prayer. Peter walked down the streets in Jerusalem, and his shadow touched the sick and healed many.


The ERA of miracles is not over. Some may say that God doesn’t heal, but that is not true according to the word of God. 

ILLUS.: Friday evening I prayed for a man at Lowes who was raised Muslim. He struggled with Migraines. Right in front of the Dewalt tools he put his hands together and bowed in front of everyone. -I am expecting to meet him again, and hear testimony. 

Jesus healed by the sea of Galilee, He can heal in Munford, He can heal in Atoka, He can heal in Brighton. He can heal in Covington. He can heal in the hospital. He can heal in your home. Jesus can heal in our schools.

Hebrews 13:8

Some may say that the time of visitation has passed, that God doesn’t do what God used to do. Can I tell you that there is a healer in the house? Can I tell you that there is still one named Jesus of Nazareth, who can do what no one else can do.

ILLUS.:-One of the greatest miracles I can remember in my ministry is praying for a Vietnam veteran that was exposed to agent orange and had an extremely aggressive and rare form of Leukemia. (PJ-if you’re watching this is for you)

-4 of us went to the hospital, but before we went, we gathered in the sanctuary and sought God for 1 hour.

-When we came to the hospital, the nurse wouldn’t let us in.  She said he is too sick, he needs his rest, he’s going to die.


-I said, “Well, if he’s going to die, it doesn’t really matter if we go in and pray, after-all He’s going to die right?

-We stood at His bed, and we began to pray in the Holy Spirit. All I can tell you is..the Holy God of Bethlehem walked into that room.

-Everyone of us dropped to our knees and began to weep. The nurse decided to leave at that point. I was thinking she was going to get an orderly or security.

-The man was completely unconscious and didn’t even know we were there. The presence of God was thick in that room, I took my bottle of oil, and I anointed him in the name of the father, son, and Holy Spirit. Nothing happened…he was unconscious.

-2 hours later …when his medication wore off..he said he was hungry that’s always a good sign.

-Within 2-3 days, he was in total remission, and he went home, and he lived his life with his family.

Mark 16-“These signs shall follow them that believe. In my name, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.”  

Our Father, who art in Heaven is still Jehovah Raphe. It means He is the Lord our healer. He is the Great Physician. He is the great conqueror of death, hell, and the grave.

God’s word says I can have what it says I can have. God’s word says that I can do what it says I can do.

Luke 1:37; Matthew 19:26 ; Mark 10:27

Nothing is impossible to those who believe. “Whatsoever you ask, believing in your heart. God has an answer for you.

Q- What am I saying?  I am saying based on the authority of God’s word. If you believe, you can receive. I believe the Bible is still TRUE, I believe it has the answer for you. I believe that Jesus was not just a man, not just a prophet, not just a teacher, not just a Rabbi, but He was the SON OF ALMIGHTY GOD!


People say: “I don’t understand miracles. You don’t have to understand them, in order to have one.

There are some things you don’t need to question. Just accept it.

**I don’t understand why MON-ARCH Butterflies fly 5,000 miles to a clump of trees in Mexico-but they do.

**I don’t understand why Black Cows, eat Green grass, have 4 stomachs, make yellow butter, and give white milk. BUT THEY DO.

It happens every day. I still drink the milk and eat the butter. 

I don’t understand how my body takes food and turns it into energy; I don’t understand the molecular breakdown of amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, and minerals. Just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean that I am going to stop eating.

You have in your hands something that is from God-The word of almighty God.

Matthew 4:23; Luke 6:19

ILLUS.: Think about a small baby just born. It has beautiful eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.(Bigmouth) Hands and feet. The baby knows how to cry to get your attention, and usually moments after the birth -the baby is feeding at their mother’s breast. No one told that baby how to do it. Science can’t explain it, but that baby knows how to find the lunch box and open it.

The point is this: If you only receive from God the things you understand, then you and I will have an incomplete, and small faith, with little experience. When you want what you never had, you must do what you’ve never done. HAVE FAITH IN GOD!

POINT: Faith starts out before you know how it’s going to turn out. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world. When you doubt you do without, but when you believe you receive.

Without faith, it is impossible to please God. By faith, Noah built an ark for over 100 years. By faith, Abraham looked for a city whose builder and maker was God. By faith 5 ‘ 7” David fought 13‘ 6’ Goliath. Have faith in God. He will not fail you. He is an on-time God.

Bible basics: You are I are Physical and Spiritual.

The God of the Natural is the God of the Supernatural.

There are laws of physics, science, and chemistry.

And all these laws are contained in the world of God.

ILLUS.:  Nucleic Glue. Colossians 1:17  (LAMININ) Natural laws happen all the time.

The supernatural laws take faith.

Psalm 103:2-3

When the spiritual man gets right, the physical man has no option but to get right.

1st promise of healing Exodus 15:26- God says, none of the diseases will I put upon you, that was on the Egyptians. In other words. I will give you divine health.

So let’s examine God’s medicare program.

How many sick were there? How many had sickness?

Deuteronomy 29:4-5  (40 years

They didn’t eat from this earth. There is a principle there. You are affected by what you eat. Their clothes didn’t wear out.

I wish God would bring that back. Goodbye -Dillards

Isaiah 53:4-5 Born and carried our sins and sickness.

Jesus just didn’t feel sorry for you. He actually did something.

He carried the sin and healed our diseases. There was an actual substitution. There was an actual change. He laid Himself on the cross for us. He is our burden bearer. He is God’s scapegoat. He carried it all. When He said IT IS FINISHED. Sin died.

Death died. Disease died. How do I know this?

Revelation 21:3-4


ILLUS.: Every year at Yom Kippur in Israel. They would take a goat and lay their hands on the head of that goat and impute the sins of the people. The goat would be sacrificed for the sins of the people.

Jesus Christ became our SCAPEGOAT for our sins. God the father laid His hands on the head of Jesus and imputed the sins of the entire world from eternity past to eternity present, and when Jesus died –sin died with Him.  And now by His stripes, you are healed. By His blood, you are forgiven and made white as snow.

Jesus paid the price. He took it to the cross.

Matthew 8:16

There are those who teach that Jesus healed occasionally, not all the time in His ministry. That is pure rubbish.

The healings of Jesus were not occasional, they were continuous. The healings of Jesus were not accidental, they were universal. Jesus never turned anyone away.

As many as He touched were made perfectly whole.  John 14:12

You can expect healing in the NT book of acts Church.

Many don’t want to preach about it because they are afraid that nothing will happen. Believe and Receive!

James 5:15-15

The number 1 responsibility of the pastor, and the leadership is spiritual. Why does God want you to call the elders, because God wants you to ask, and He also knows that if the church is doing its’ job, then others will be needed to pray!

When James gives this admonition, He was encouraging the Church to continue in the ministry of praying for the sick.

It wasn’t supposed to end when the disciples died.

It was to continue in every church where there were elders.

If there is any sick among you, let Him call the LPN. RN. MD. DO God uses anointed doctors to heal.

The best combination is knowledge with God’s anointing. I understand that not everyone we pray forgets everything we pray for -but it doesn’t change what the word of God says that we should do.

ILLUS.: Story. Kathy Rice, Chiari-Malformation.

-She was unable to drive, unable to do anything in life she wanted to. She was anointed in Oil 30-40 x’s. She was in her 30’s.

-Why so many times…the healing hadn’t manifested itself- She wanted to be healed. She was playing worship music in her home, falling asleep reading the Bible. She was invested.

-She called me one morning, and said: “Pastor Greg, I had a dream that God healed me last night, I woke up feeling normal.”

-Over the next few days, it became apparent that God had miraculously touched her. I told her to go to her neurologist and get re-examined. God is up for the challenge.

-She brought a new set of X-rays and a letter from the doctor stating that her condition no longer existed.

-We had a prayer room at the church, and we hung things like the letter and the X-rays in that room so people could come and see how God answers prayer.

-AFTER KATHY RECEIVED THE LETTER, she, my wife, and several ladies went into the restroom and read scriptures, and flushed 10-15 Rx down the drain.

-If Jesus healed on Jericho’s road, He can heal on Idaville-Atoka Road. If Jesus healed in the temple, He can heal today in this temple. God’s love has never left this earth.

God’s spirit has not been taken from this earth.

God’s power to save has not been stopped.

God’s power to deliver has not been taken from the church.

He is the SAME< SAME<SAME<SAME<Yesterday, today, and forever! Ps. 107:20 “He sent His word and healed them.”

Miracles happen when we meet God’s conditions for a miracle.

God will not deceive you. He will not fail you. God will not abandon you. He is faithful!

  • God is wanting us to take the imitative. It is easy to do only what you know to do, and what you believe you can do.

POINT: Faith is doing something beyond. Believing beyond your ability. If you want to walk in faith, you will be asked to do things beyond your strength.

Why? God wants to prove whether you believe it or not.


  1. RECOGNIZE: It is God’s will to heal.

I John 3:2. The day of miracles is not over. Jesus is not the great I was or the great I will be. He is the great I am.  He is still great I am. He is the God of the now.

Jehovah Shama-The God who is there.

He is the Lilly of the valley. He is the lion, the lamb, and the good shepherd. He is the King, and He wants to pass this way. Reach out!

  1. ACCEPT: The debt has been paid at the Cross.

He who bore our sins and sicknesses on the cross. It is finished. Finito. Over with. Done. Cash that check. You can bank on it.

  1. MOVE OUT: Act on your faith.

It doesn’t take great faith to believe in a God that has never failed.

It takes great faith to believe in a FORD that starts half the time.

Jesus has never failed. I have preached for 30 years….

Faith is not an emotion. Don’t try to have faith in God. You try Broccoli. You try skittles. You try Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Jesus said: ARISE, TAKE UP YOUR BED and walk.

When you want what you never had, you must do what you have never done. The man at the pool of Siloam said: I have been here all my life. Jesus said, arise and be healed. Peter spoke to the man at the gate beautifull and said: stand on your feet and be healed. He started to get up! Can I encourage you?


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