Redeemer Church Riverview
Resources Of An Authentic Faith
March 19, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
James 5:

Resources Of An Authentic Faith

March 19, 2021 / James 5:


We Worship A Holy God

Song of Praise “Holy Is The Lord”
Call to Worship Psalm 111:1-4; 9
Song of Praise “Holy Holy Holy”
Confession of Faith 1 Corinthians 3:16-17
Song of Praise “Only A Holy God”
Prayer of Adoration
Greet One Another
Reception of New Member Caleb Gilman
Prayer of Intercession
Giving of God’s Tithe and Our Offerings
Song of Preparation “The Church’s One Foundation”
Scripture Reading James 5:7-20
Sermon “We Are The Church: A People Called, A People Sent: Resources of an Authentic Faith 

Prayer of Commitment
Song of Response “Days of Elijah”


Del Taggart:

“Do you REALLY believe that what you believe is really real?”

John Calvin:

“So highly does the Lord esteem the communion of His church that He considers everyone a traitor and apostate from religion who perversely withdraws himself from any Christian society which preserves the true ministry of the word and sacraments.” 

James 1:2-3

J. C. Ryle:

“Trials are intended to make us think, to wean us from the world, to send us to the Bible, to drive us to our knees.”


James 5:7-8

Charles Spurgeon:

“Impatience sours the temper, chills the blood, sickens the heart, prostrates the vigor of one’s spirit, and spoils the enterprise of life, before it is ripe for history.”

James 5:9

Charles Spurgeon:

“If the farmer should want rain just now, his impatience will not influence the clouds and make them pour out their torrents. If your child happens to be very petulant, the mother’s impatience will not calm the child, control its temper, still its fitful passion or subdue its stubborn humor. Whatever happens to you therefore; nothing is worse than your being impatient. Of all the troubles in the world that one can be troubled with, an impatient spirit is about the worst.”

Sinclair Ferguson:

“Appearances can be deceptive. The fact that we cannot see what God is doing does not mean that He is doing nothing. The Lord has His own timetable. It is we who must learn to adjust to it, not vice versa. When God’s time comes nothing will stand in His way. We can therefore wait for Him with this happy confidence: ‘As for God, His way is perfect’ (2 Samuel 22:31).”


James 5:13-16


David D. Flowers:

“Community is when you learn I’m not everything you thought I was, and I learn you’re not everything I thought you were.”

Stanley Hauerwas:

“Saints cannot exist without a community, as they require, like all of us, nurturance by a people who, while often unfaithful, preserve the habits necessary to learn the story of God.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

“He who is alone with his sin is utterly alone.”



“No one should hear somebody else’s admission of sin, their confession without the sole intention to make it a matter of prayer. No one should confide or confess a problem of sin to somebody else without their sole desire and determination to be healed of it.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

“It is not the experience of life but the experience of the cross that makes one worthy of hearing confessions. The most experienced phycologist or observer of human nature knows infinitely less of the human heart than the simplest Christian who lives beneath the cross of Jesus. In the presence of a psychiatrist I can only be a sick man but in the presence of a Christian brother I can dare to be a sinner.”


Hebrews 12:1-2

C. S. Lewis:

“He works on us in all sorts of ways. But above all, he works on us through each other. Men are mirrors, or “carriers” of Christ to other men. Usually it is those who know Him that bring Him to others. That is why the church, the whole body of Christians showing Him to one another, is so important. It is so easy to think that the church has a lot of different objects – education, buildings, missions, holding services…the Church exists for no other purpose but to draw men to Christ, to make them little Christs. If they are not doing that, all the cathedrals, clergy, missions, sermons, even the Bible itself, are simply a waste of time. God became man for no other purpose. It is even doubtful, you know, whether the whole universe was created for any other purpose.”

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