Redeemer Church Riverview
“Life In the Family”
January 23, 2022

“Life In the Family”

January 23, 2022


Song of Praise “Our God”

Call to Worship Psalm 81:1-3

Song of Praise “How Firm a Foundation”

Confession of Faith Psalm 103:13

Song of Praise “Build My Life”

Prayer of Adoration/Lord’s Prayer

Greet One Another

Ministry Spotlight Axel Feliciano

Prayer of Intercession

Giving of God’s Tithes and Our Offerings

Song of Preparation “King of Kings”

Scripture Reading Mark 3:20-35

Sermon “ Identity in the King: Life In the Family” Craig Swartz

Prayer of Commitment

Song of Response “They Will Know We are Christians”


Sermon Notes

Charles Spurgeon:

“O that the line may continue for years to come, till as long as generations are born there shall be one of our kith and kin to carry the standard and sound the trumpet and fight for the Lord of Israel.”


Hebrews 4:15

D. Todd Christofferson:

“We can turn to Him because He understands the struggle, He also understands how to win the struggle.”

Francis Schaeffer:

“Christians have largely shut up their spirituality into a small corner of life, Sunday church or their bible studies instead of realizing that the Lordship of Christ is to permeate the whole spectrum of life.

They have coasted along complacently, often serving up such dogmas, as ‘you can’t mix religion and politics,’ or ‘you can’t legislate morality,’ or we just need to pray and witness to people—when what they really meant was, we just don’t want to be disturbed.’

They were content in their ‘comfort zone.’”


Mark 10:28

Carole M. Stephens:

“We each belong to and are needed in the family of God.”

Alistair Begg:

“Nobody is a ‘nobody’ in the family of God.”


Mark 3:35

John Calvin:

“No one can have God as his Father who doesn’t have the church as his mother.”

1 Peter 1:5-8

John 1:12-13

Jim Elliot:

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”


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