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Sins of the Comfortable
January 5, 2022

Sins of the Comfortable

January 5, 2022


A Warning About Boasting in Tomorrow. (James 4:13–17)


DISCUSS: What are some ways that Christian men are prone to be presumptuous about their lives?

DISCUSS: What are some practical applications from this passage regarding how we should live? What would be some evidence that a man is living in light of the fact that his future is in God’s hands?

DISCUSS: How can a man work to cultivate that kind of dependence on God that James is promoting in this paragraph?

A Warning About Trusting in Riches. (5:1–6)


DISCUSS: In what areas of life do men have a certain degree of power? How might a man misuse that power in ways that parallel what James teaches here? (For example, how do you treat your employees? The family who rents your property? The person who cleans your office building? The person who makes your food at a restaurant?) 

DISCUSS: What examples have you seen of men who live self-indulgent lives? How are you tempted in this way?

DISCUSS: Read Romans 12:19. How can we rightly take comfort—as believers do throughout the Bible—at the thought of God’s final judgment of evil, and yet not violate Romans 12:19?


  1. When talking to an unbeliever about the Bible, remember that there is a theological difference between the saved and the lost.

  2. Put your faith in Jesus and not in riches. 

  3. A day of judgment is coming so live in light of that day. 

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