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James Session 10: The Prayer of Faith
January 19, 2022

James Session 10: The Prayer of Faith

January 19, 2022


1) What to do with life in general. (James 5:13)

2) What to do with the challenges life often puts before us. (James 5:14–15)

  • A specific request: The challenge of sickness.
  • The twofold response of the elders: prayer and anointing.
  • A twofold promise: healing and forgiveness.

3) What to do with sin (James 5:16–18)


  • Read 1 John 1:8–10. What do these verses teach about sin and confession?
  • How does the illustration about Elijah in verses 17–18 underline James’s main point? What specifically is James trying to get across when he says that Elijah was “a man with a nature like ours,” and then goes on to point out the powerful effects of his prayer? What is he aiming to tell us about prayers and the God who hears them?
  • James connects sickness and sin. Can each sickness be traced back to a particular sin? (Read John 9:2-3 if you need a hint.) Can sickness sometimes be traced back to a particular sin? (Read 1Corinthians 11:29-30 if you need a hint.) Given that, what is James is saying in verse 16?
  • What does James mean by saying that “the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick?” What is the prayer of faith? Does he mean that if you simply have enough faith, God will always heal—and that if God doesn’t heal, it’s your fault for not having enough faith?
  • Prayer is powerful, and God wants to answer prayer! Do you pray with the understanding that God desires to answer our prayers, or do you pray with the expectation that he won’t answer them?
  • How can you use sickness to glorify God?
  • What is your response to the section on confessing sin? If there is someone to whom you need to confess, go to that person without delay.

4) What to do with the wanderer (James 5:19–20)

  • We bring back a sinner from his wandering.
  • That restoration will “save his soul from death.
  • We will cover a multitude of sins.

Implications – Questions to ask ourselves from James. (Warren Wiersbe)

  • Am I becoming more and more patient in the testings of life?
  • Do I play with temptation or resist it from the start?
  • Do I find joy in obeying the Word of God, or do I merely study it and learn it?
  • Are there any prejudices that shackle me?
  • Am I able to control my tongue?
  • Am I a peacemaker rather than a troublemaker? Do people come to me for spiritual wisdom?
  • Am I a friend of God or a friend of the world?
  • Do I make plans without considering the will of God?
  • Am I selfish when it comes to money? Am I unfaithful in the paying of my bills?
  • Do I naturally depend on prayer when I find myself in some kind of trouble?
  • Am I the kind of person others seek for prayer support?
  • What is my attitude toward the wandering brother? Do I criticize and gossip, or do I seek to restore him in love?


  • Read Proverbs 14:14. What does this verse teach about backsliding?
  • Read Hosea 14:1–4. What do these verses tell us to do about backsliding? What do they promise?
  • What can you do to tighten your grip on the Word of God?
  • Do you know a believer who has slipped into patterns of sin? What can you do to help this person get back to where he needs to be?

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