The Wise Woman and the Fool

January 24, 2021   /   Pastor David Squyres   /   Palms Baptist Church

The Wise Woman and the Fool

Unfamiliar Stories of David, part 3

1 Samuel 25

1 Samuel 25:1, The loss of Samuel was tragic in David’s life. He lost a spiritual pillar at the very moment he was in danger of drifting away from God.

Why should Nabal help?

David asked for Nabal’s help. On the surface, David appears to be acting like the mafia, or a Los Angeles street gang, demanding money for “protection.” However, David’s request is a righteous one. Note these four reasons that Nabal should have taken David’s request serious:

1. The Law requires the rich to help those in need. (Dt. 25:11) Bundled around the laws requiring kindness and help to those in need is the doctrine of “Hessed.” Hessed means gracious kindness.

2. David had protected Nabal when Nabal was vulnerable, it was not unreasonable for David to now ask for help.

3. David didn’t show up when Nabal’s wallet was empty, but at the very moment he was counting the blessings of the Lord.

4. Notice that David calls himself a “son” of Nabal. This is perhaps more than mere flattery. 1 Samuel 25:3 makes special note that Nabal is a Calebite. The Calebites established the town of Bethlehem. (see 1 Chronicles 25:51.) David and Nabal were distant relatives.

1 Samuel 25:11, notice Nabal uses first person pronouns 7 times. He is completely self-consumed.

1 Samuel 25:23-31 is the longest speech by a woman in the Old Testament. It consists of 153 Hebrew Words and is brilliant.

1 Samuel 25:30: She wisely treats David as if he is already the man she hopes he can be. IF he wants to one day be king, then he should behave like a king.

1 Samuel 25:31: Abigail expresses confidence that Yahweh himself will deal with worthless Nabal. She asks that David not forget the kindness that was shown to her on the day that Yahweh visits vengeance on Nabal.

1 Sameul 25:38 is a humorous response to death. “bless the Lord!” Try to live a life that when people hear you died, they don’t break into praise.

Abigail gave David two important points of wisdom:

1. Remember

1 Samuel 25:28 YHWH will certainly make my lord a sure house, because my lord is fighting the battles of YHWH, and evil shall not be found in you so long as you live.

  • God uses Wise Woman remind David who he is.
  • The danger is not that Nabal will act like a fool. Nabal is a fool. He always acts like a fool! The danger is that David, who is not a fool at heart, will behave like a fool. Sometimes wise people can be foolish.

2. Remember

David was in the wallet or “bundle” of the Lord. (1 Sam. 25:29)

Notice the connections to David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 25:29 (sling) and 1 Samuel 25:37 (stone.) I think God was reminding David: Remember who you are! Remember that boy who confronted Goliath.


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