Surprised in the Dark

April 11, 2021   /   Pastor David Squyres   /   Palms Baptist Church

The purpose of today’s message is to see Jesus more clearly. It’s not about leadership, it’s not a lesson on how to walk on water. Today, we just want to fall more deeply in love with Jesus.

Mark 6:45-51

  • The NIV in Mark 6:48 says, “He saw the disciples straining at the oars, because the wind was against them.” That’s my favorite verse in this season.
  • Mark 6:49, Ghost “Phantasma.” They thought he was a phantom or a spirit being.
  • Mark 6:50, note that they “all” saw him. It was not a vision. They confirmed with one another what they were seeing.
  • Mark leaves out the story of Peter walking on water. I think this is because Mark was based on Peter’s preaching, and Mark and Peter both sought to avoid glorifying Peter. Already Peter was becoming something of a rock star in the early church. Yet Mark, the Gospel that is so deeply rooted in Peter’s own ministry, always stays laser focused on Jesus, not Peter.
  • Matt. 14:28, There is not doubt in the disciples, “If it’s you command me to come.” It should be translated, “Because it’s you, command me to come.”
  • Mark 6:51, a miracle that the storm died down as Jesus stepped in the boat.

1. He (Mark 6:45)

  • anagkazo: To compel, force, constrain. He did not politely ask them to get in the boat.
  • Has God ever made you get in a boat you did not want to get in?
  • Made Jonah go Nineveh.
  • Made Moses confront Pharoah.
  • Made Balaam speak the words He wanted.
  • Made Paul go to the Gentiles.
  • He sends us into scary situations.
  • He made them get into the boat knowing what was ahead.

2. He (Mark 6:48)

  • He saw them through the darkness.
  • He saw what they were up against. =basanizo: gk: “To torture”

3. He (Mark 6:48)

Anything God sends us into he has power over.

In every storm He is:

4. He (Mark 6:50)

Job 9:8

Take courage, 8x in the Gospels.

Be not afraid, 100x in the Bible.

Between those two great lines, is the reason we can take courage and not be afraid; because “it is I.” Literally, the text does not say “it is I” but “ego emi” = I AM.



1. He will make you get in boats you didn’t plan. Trust him.

2. He sees you. Whatever going through right now, sees you.

3. He comes to us. Walks on water. There is no problem beyond his power.

4. He still astonishes us.


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