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Outrageous God
April 19, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)

Outrageous God

April 19, 2020 / 17:

God’s name is like a staircase, beginning with Genesis 1:1, that lifts us into the heavens, each name a step bringing us closer to the Almighty. There is a name of Jesus that will not be revealed to us until we get to heaven. (Revelation 19:12)

Elshaddai means: God Almighty.


1. Abraham was first man

2. Abraham:

What happens when I lost pace with God?

  • God becomes small in my eyes.
  • I give too much weight to bad ideas.
  • I forget how personal God is.


3. What did God do?

  • God reminded Abraham of (Genesis 17:1)

El Shaddai expresses God’s mighty power. His omnipotence. There is no problem that is beyond the power of God.

The word “shad” (root of shaddai) literally means “breast.” See Isaiah 60:16 and Isaiah 66:10-11 as examples of “shad” being related to nursing. In both passages, the word shad is used to signify supply and nourishment.

  • Reminded Abraham of the : (Genesis 17:1-6)

Pastor Check in:

While your daily routine has be interrupted, it is important your spiritual routine does not lose pace with God.

For many, the painful grind of a busy schedule has forced you to keep a rigorous time with the Lord. You know that if you drop out, your day will get slammed. But now for many, the grind has slowed, and you may be finding yourself becoming less driven spiritually. The crisis of busy can keep us dependent on God, while the danger of rest is that we don’t feel urgency in our spiritual walk.

If that’s you, today I challenge you to rebuild your spiritual routine.

4. What happens when I am keeping pace with the Lord?


(Genesis 17:15-19 , Genesis 21:1-8)

Two things to remember:

God never stops being outrageous.

Anything God gives you; he can nourish your through.


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