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Joshua at the End of the World
August 29, 2021

Joshua at the End of the World

August 29, 2021

Joshua began his work by leading the nation across the Jordan to Gilagal, where they made covenant with God. They “consecrated” themselves before God and prepared for war. Jsohua sent two witnesses into Jericho, where they met a prostitute named Rahab. She was rescued by a scarlet cord. She’s the scarlet woman. (Joshua 5:13-14)

As Joshua inspected the wall of Jericho, he encountered God who had come down in the form of a warrior. (This is called a theophany.)

Joshua would lead the nation to march against Jericho, then AI, and against the five kings of the Amorites. They were lead by Adoni Zedick, from Jerusalem. He’s a “type” of the anti-Christ.

The events in Joshua are mirrored in the plot of Revelation. Like Joshua, the church is at war with a beast. The beast (the governments of this world opposed to Christ and his people)

Note the following:

1. Like Joshua the church is at war. We are at war with a Beast. The Beast represents the governments of this world. Like two witnesses, the church preaches the Gospel to a lost world that hates her.

2. In Joshua the enemy city is Jericho. In Revelation, the enemy city is Babylon.

3. Joshua sent two witnesses in to Jericho. In Revelation God sends two witnesses to Jerusalem.

4. In Revelation Jesus comes as a warrior to take possession of the land. He is not coming to take Israel, as Joshua did, but all the earth is His.

Some Comparisons:

1. The Commander’s

Jesus in Hebrew is Joshua. Joshua in Greek is Jesus. It’s the same name.

Luke 1:31-33 , Matthew 1:20

The commanders name reveals his mission: To bring salvation.


2. The Commander’s

Joshua encountered the commander who was physically present with him at Jericho. On Patmos, John turned and saw Jesus standing with him. (Rev. 1:16)

3. The Commanders

He expects that His army be holy.

Joshua consecrated the people at gilgal. The first thing Jesus does in Revelation is purify the seven churches. (See Revelation 2-3)

It’s interesting that in Joshua 5:13, the commander does not say he is for Joshua. God is for God. The question is, who is for the Lord, not who is the Lord for. Because:

–In Israel there was a family of thieves. They were fakes. Achen.

–In Jericho there was a family of faith. Rahab.

Like Rahab, some are in the world but get saved. They live in Babylon, but are rescued.

Like Achen, some are in the church pretending to be God’s people. But they are frauds that God will expose.

4. The Commander’s

Jericho is micro-picture of God’s war with Babylon.
Rev. 17:3-5, Babylon is described as a whore draped in “scarlet.”

–Inside Jericho there was a whore. (Rahab)

–In both Babylon and Jericho, the whole was marked by scarlet.

–Both cities were known for their gold. (Achen stole Jericho’s gold. In Revelation 17:4 there is the “golden cup” in the hand of the whore.)

–My opinion is that the beast the whore rides on represents the nations of the world that rise up against Christ and oppose His kingdom. It can be Rome, the Nazi’s, the Soviets and all nations and systems that make themselves enemies of God and His people.

5. The Commanders

Joshua sent two witnesses to Jericho.

In Revelation 11:2-3, two witnesses appear in Jerusalem preaching repentance. They come in the shoes of Moses (the law) and Elijah (the prophets.) Represents the Word of God. I think the two witnesses are the church preaching the Word of God in the end times. (Two is enough to establish a witness in the Bible, but it’s not many. The people of God preach truth, though we may not be many.)

In Revelation 11;7, the two witnesses finish their testimony and are struck dead by the beast. That is, the governments of the earth come against the people of God, going so far as to try and wipe them off the face of the earth. The world celebrates the destruction of the church. But just when it looks like God’s people are down and out for good, God raises them from the dead.

6. The Commander’s

The attack on Jericho is laid out in telescopic 7’s.

There are 3 7’s, but the 7th becomes 7 more.

  • Jericho: They march 7 days.
  • The 7th day, they march 7 times.
  • The 7th time, they blow 7 trumpets.

The 7th bowl results in hail coming from the sky and striking the enemy, reminding us of the battle at Gibeon in Joshua 10. (Compare to Revelation 16:19-21)

7. The Commanders

  • Joshua 6:22, the two spies bring out Rahab.
  • Joshua 6:24, only after she is “brought out” is the city burned.
  • The attack on Jericho is also a rescue operation. They come to rescue her from that wicked city.
  • It shows the scope of God’s redemption. She is a whore, immorally, opposed to the law, a Canaanite (Noah cursed Canaan) and an Amorite (Moses cursed them!) and yet God shows her mercy.

Compare that to Revelation 18. As final judgement is brought on Babylon, the angel cries, “fallen, fallen is Babylon the great.” (Rev. 18:2) Just as Jericho’s walls have fallen, now Babylon has fallen. And then a voice comes from heaven, “Come out of her, my people, lest you take part in her sins,” (Joshua 18:7)

Revelation is a rescue operation. The Church and the Lord are calling to those who will listen to come out of Babylon before judgment falls as it did on Jericho. As Jericho was burned, this world will be burned. But as Joshua saved Rahab, he will rescue those we repent and come out of Babylon.


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