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Job and Mrs. Job: Together in the Storm
March 6, 2022

Job and Mrs. Job: Together in the Storm

March 6, 2022


Job may be the oldest book in the Bible in terms of composition.

  • Job himself acts as priest for his family. It appears the book predates a formal priestly system.
  • No mention of nations. IT seems city states were primary political institutions.
  • There is no reference to Hebrew Culture. No references to other major events such as the parting of the sea, the law.
  • Historians have found references to both the person of job and the book of job in extrabiblical writings dates as early as 2000 B.C.
  • After the events in the book of Job, Job lives 142 more years. Long lives were certainly consistent with the earlier portions of Scripture.

Text: Job 1:1-22

  • Satan’s accusation against God is that God must bribe people to love or worship Him.

Job 2:7-9

Job’s Survival Tactic = (Job 19:24-27)

  • Job 19:25, the most famous clock in the world is Big Ben in London. You can even spot it in Disney’s animated classic, Cinderella. The bell has no clapper, it is struck by a hammer. The aria it rings from is a line from Handles Messiah, a portion that is taken directly from this scripture, “I know that my Redeemer lives.”
  • Job 19:26, Job expresses hope in the bodily resurrection of the dead. (Remember this is the oldest book in the Bible.)

1. Job’s Rock gave him the

  • In Job 2, Job and his wife have a serious conversation about God. She expresses doubt, and he pulls her forward spiritually.
  • Pastor JAMES RAFFERTY writes: Picture the scene. Job’s wife, in utter brokenness, mourns out the words, “Curse God and die.” Job tenderly pulls her close and wraps his sore, aching arms around her. He whispers in her ear, “You’re speaking like the foolish women speak. Shall we receive good from the Lord and not also evil?” Then, in the utter agony of their shared loss, they simply weep together.

2. Job’s Rock gave him the (Even after she wounded him)

  • Job 19:14-15, Job says that his family has treated him like a stranger. They act like he doesn’t exist.
  • Job 19:17, Job says that his breath is strange to his wife. (NIV, “My breath is offensive to my wife.”) Imagine the pain: In his suffering, he leans in to kiss her, and she pushes him away.
  • Rejection in marriage opens a massive door to temptation.
  • What did Job do when his spouse wounded him? He went back to his rock. (Job 31:1, he made a promise to God and his eyes to not look at another woman lustfully) Things may not be great in your marriage; make the decision to honor your spouse.

3. Job’s rock gave him

  • Job’s three friends come to sit with him and are silent for a week. Finally, Job curses the day he was born and from chapters 29-31, eh demands justice from God.
  • Job 31:1, God spoke to Job out of a storm. This storm is probably a theophany, the great disturbance that takes place when the Almighty shows up on earth.
  • God asked Job a series of 70 questions. At the end of God’s questioning, Job realized he had wandered far from his center; from his own beliefs. In Job 42:6, Job repented in dust and ashes. He came back to His rock.


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