How the Resurrection Meets my Deepest Needs

August 2, 2020   /   Pastor David Squyres   /   Palms Baptist Church

Scripture: Mark 16:1-8

The Resurrection: The Main Event of the Gospel:

Mark 1:4 the stone was rolled away not to release Jesus, but to reveal the empty tomb.

Mark 1:5 the angel is a “young man.” Angels are always presented in the Bible as male. He sits on the right side, the place of honor.

Mark 1:5 the women’s response is ekthambeo = Translated: Overwhelmed with wonder. Amazed/Terrified. Deeply distressed. Troubled.

Mark 1:8: Ending: See the “extra notes” at the end of the sermon notes for more about the strange ending at verse 8.

How the Resurrection meets my deepest needs:

1. The Resurrection meets my need for (Mark 16:6)

2. The Resurrection meets my hunger for . (Mark 16:7)

3. The resurrection meets my need to (Mark 16:6)

Romans 3:25 , Romans 5:9

Question: How do I know I’m forgiven? Forgiveness is invisible. A lot of people can say they die for my sins, how do I know Jesus death really was for me?

Answer: The resurrection is God’s stamp of approval over the work of Jesus. Jesus physically proved he died for our sins and forgives us by rising from the dead.

4. The resurrection meets my need to (Mark 16:6)

Philippians 3:10


Extra notes: The strange end of the Mark:

Mark 1:8

And they went out and fled from the tomb, for trembling (tromos) and astonishment (ekstasis) had seized them, and they said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid (phobeo).

The oldest manuscripts end at verse 8. But it seems like a strange way to end. As if we are missing a page. Nothing would be wrong ending with the angel’s words. But it seems unusual to end with fear and trembling. Also, the short ending concludes with the Greek word “gar” which means “because.” That is a strange way to end a book.

The problem with the addition is that it is most certainly not written by Mark. It does not belong with this Gospel. None of marks trademark “immediately” or “at once” or “and” are in this. The account starts on its own and concludes on its own, like a short story that is wholly self-contained.

John Macarthur: Careful students who have made a serious study of the transmission of the biblical text would virtually all agree that verses 9–20 are a gloss—a later uninspired scribal addition appended to the original inspired text.

External evidence favors ending at verse 8.

  • Jerome (420) and Eusebius, Church Historian (339) both say GK manuscripts they had surveyed did not have anything beyond v.8
  • The existence of 3 different endings weighs against them. All very greatly.
  • The long ending appears to come from SECOND Century.
  • The long ending seems like a patchwork: Most of the CONTENT from the long ending comes from other places in New Testament.


Internal Evidence:

  • The long ending starts over as if 16:1-8 did not exist.
  • Mary M. Is introduced as if she had not already been in the account.
  • Matthew and Luke do not follow Mark after v.8.
  • Style, language, vocabulary of other endings: Non-Mark. (18 words not used anywhere else in Mark.)

What’s right about ending with verse 8?

I think the best answer to the ending of Mark is that we should end at verse 8. Ending with fear, trembling, bewilderment is not out of place for Mark.

  • In Mark people often had that response to God’s work.

Mark 1:22: People were “amazed” at Jesus teaching.

Mark 1:27: Because of exorcism)

See also: Mark 2:12, Mark 4:41, Mark 5:42, Mark 6:51, Mark 9:15, Mark 9:32.

  • An abrupt ending seems appropriate for an abrupt Gospel. Verse 8 might seem strange, but it is a complete thought.
  • Ending with “because” leaves open the idea that the story is not complete. Luke did something similar at the end of Acts ending with “unhinderedly.”



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