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How God Arms a Warrior
June 20, 2021

How God Arms a Warrior

June 20, 2021


  • Joshua is a historical book. It answers todays headlines. Who does the land belong to?
  • It is about warfare.
  • The New Testament companion book to Joshua is Ephesians. Which is about being armed and at war with our spiritual enemies.
  • It is a picture of the Christian life. We go through the Jordan (Baptism) into Canaan where we fight the enemy.
  • Joshua is grouped with the “prophets.” In the Bible, there are two groups of prophets, the “former” prophets and the “latter” prophets. Former prophets include Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings. Latter prophets would be books like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Joel, Obadiah, Zephaniah. (Books we more readily identify as prophetic.) In the Bible, a prophetic book doesn’t just tell the future, it speaks God’s Word.
  • At the end of Deuteronomy, Moses laid his hands on Joshua. (Deuteronomy 34:9)

Overview of the Text:

  • Joshua 1:1-2: should be read in the emotional context of Moses’ death.
  • Joshua 1:3: Feet are important to the book of Joshua. The Jordan will stop at the priest feet. Joshua will put his feet on the necks of his enemies. The nation will march around Jericho. The entire block of Joshua, Judges and Ruth had particular emphasis on feet.
  • Joshua 1:4: “This” Lebanon. Appears Joshua is in a spot that he can actually see Lebanon. “This” is like someone pointing. If they are standing on Mount Nebo, Mount Hermon, which is in Lebanon, would have been visible
  • Joshua 1:5: The promise to be with Joshua, to not forsake him, is identical to the promises God gave to Isaac in Genesis 26:3, Jacob in Genesis 31:3 and Moses in Exodus 3:12
  • Joshua 1:6: The demand to be “strong” and “courageous” (and also in Joshua 1:7 and Joshua 1:9) is two different words with the same meaning. It’s like God is saying, “Be strong… be really strong.”

How God armed Joshua:

1. God Gave Joshua

That’s called “purpose.”

  • Jude 9 describes the death of Moses and a battle between Michael and Satan.
  • There is not such thing as “courage” apart from “mission.” Men were not created courageous just to do outrageous things. We were created bold and courageous because we are on mission.
  • Joshua 1:3, notice God does not ask Joshua if he wants to do this. He doesn’t have Joshua take a spiritual gift inventory. God is not held hostage to how you’re wired. God often calls people before he gives them the spiritual gifts to accomplish His assignment. Obedience is more important than gifting.
  • Eph 2:8-10: Especially Ephesians 2:10, God prepared in advance the good works we are to do. God already knew before Joshua was born every battle he would fight.

2. God Gave Joshua

  • Numbers 14:9, Joshua as a young man pleaded with he nation to remember that God would be with them. Now, forty years later, God reminds an older man that nothing has changed. Just as God was with Joshua in his youth, he will be with Joshua in his old age.
  • Joshua 1:5, Joshua would encounter the same God as Moses did, but have different experiences.

HOW was God with Moses?

  • Exodus 33.
  • Deut. 34:7
  • Deut. 29:5, Deut. 8:4

3. God Gave Joshua His

  • Joshua possessed the first written copy of Scriptures. Moses delivered to Israel the Torah. (Joshua probably wrote the account of Moses’ death.)
  • In the first chapter, Joshua encounters God seemingly the same way Moses did; in a theophany. Somehow God himself came down and spoke to Joshua. But he then revealed to Joshua that he would now communicate with him in a new way; via the Scriptures.
  • God’s Word reveals God’s person. The Scriptures show us who he God. The commands and rules in the Bible are not just random laws, but revelations into God’s inner person. The Bibles shows us how God operates, how he behaves, what he loves, what he hates, what he rejects and even what he thinks.
  • God’s Word also reveals what God is doing in the world. On earth, it looks like a mess. The Bible makes sense of the world because it shows us God’s plan and where all things are moving.

Sword Training: How do I handle God’s Word?

1. Joshua 1:8.

To not let the Scripture depart from his mouth meant to read it. Everyone back then read out loud. The idea of silent reading is new. In fact, Augustine in the confessions expressed surprise that Saint Ambrose read without moving his lips.

Challenge: Outgrow your quiet time.

See Psalm 1.


Our thoughts should center on God’s Word day and night. We are asked to dwell emotionally on what God says, not what our mind says.


Joshua 1:8 tells us to “DO” according to all that is written in it.

To truly obey will take a warriors strength. It’s interesting that David, a warrior, charged his son Solomon using the words Joshua was given. (1 Chronicles 22:12-13) “keep the law of the LORD your God. Then you will have success if you are careful to observe the decrees and laws that the LORD gave Moses for Israel. Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged.”


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