Holy Ruckus

July 12, 2020   /   Pastor David Squyres   /   Palms Baptist Church

Question for reflection: What gets you mad?

Know what gets God mad? When people who claim to know him give Him the “silent treatment.” When we choose not to pray. It turns out, prayer is a big deal to God.

Some pastoral questions:

1. What time have you devoted to be your prayer time?

2. Does your family pray together?

3. Do you take time to pray before meals?

4. Do you and your spouse pray together? Men, did you know, how you treat your wife affects how God answers prayer! 1 Peter 3:7

5. Are your prayers hindered by any ongoing sin? James 5:16, 1 Peter 4:7

6. Do you take time every day to pray?

Scripture: Mark 11:7-25

1. Daniel prophesied Jesus would enter Jerusalem. See Daniel 9:24-26

2. Zechariah prophesied Jesus would enter Jerusalem. (Humble, on a donkey) See Zechariah 9:9

3. Ezekiel prophesied Jesus would enter Jerusalem. (To restore God’s Glory.) See Ezekiel 10:15-29, Ezekiel saw God’s spirit leaving Jerusalem. In Ezekiel 43 he had a vision of God’s presence returning to the city. As Jesus entered, he fulfilled that prophecy.

The clearing of the temple was prophesied by Malachi in Malachi 3:1-2

The problem was, they saw the temple as a . Jesus saw it primarily as a .

Why does God want me to pray? Important? (know why I want pray: I want stuff)

1. Prayer focuses me (Mark 11:22)


2. Prayer is my (Mark 11:23-24)

3 Prayer is where God will talk to be about (Mark 11:25)

God reserves his greatest power for healing relationships. They are usually our biggest mountains.

4. Prayer is the primary way we

God is willing to throw a fit over prayer. Because the most important thing to our spiritual life is prayer. Prayer is how God plans to direct us. It is the steering wheel of our life, and God is in the drivers seat when we pray in submission to Him.


Make a simple commitment today: Pray. = And let him disturb you.


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