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Gritty Gospel
June 7, 2020

Gritty Gospel

June 7, 2020

Gritty Gospel

Re-Engage With Jesus, Part 2

The Gospel challenge:

1. Study on your time 2 chapters of Mark a week. Why only 2 chapters a week? It gives time to digest the words of the text.

2. Include someone else. Family, children, a buddy.

3. Each week, I will preach a sermon from a portion of the upcoming Bible reading.

(8 week journey through Mark starts today)

Text: Mark 1:1-19

Jesus invited the first disciples to “follow” him. Because learning to do ministry is not just done in the confines of the walls of the church. To learn to be part of changing lives, to do ministry, we must watch how Jesus does it. When Jesus does ministry, it’s gritty.

Two Observations About Following Jesus:

1. We follow him into(And that Conflict is Real.)

Ministry is conflict with Satan. Clearly drawn battle lines.


Mark 1:32-39

There is a real enemy seeking destroy God’s Work.

2. He Attracts

Mark 2:15-17

What our world needs most is

Bible Study Notes On Mark 1-2:

Mark 1:1, Scholars think this is the title of the book. Or the subtitle. It was not first called, “Mark.”

–Gospel: (euangelion): Good News. The Gospel is not a book. It’s the message of salvation. Good News of Jesus.


–Jesus Christ. Identifies at the front: Jesus is the MESSIAH. The Good News is that the messiah has come. Brought Salvation.

–Son of God: Speaks to his lineage and right to rule. He is one in nature with God. Coeternal/coequal with the Father. Romans: Regarded Caesar as god. Mark introduces the true King.

Mark 1:2, is quoting Malachi 3:1 and Isaiah 40:3

Mark 1:4, The name John means “The Lord is gracious.” He came baptizing, or immersing people as a symbol of forgiveness of sins.

1. It was personal: Baptizing in the wilderness, not in a temple.

2. Spiritual: Repentance (metanoia) implies a genuine turning from sin and self to God.

Result is: God’s mercy. Forgiveness. Prepared heart.


1. On Day Atonement, High Priest would wash himself before entering Holy of Holies. (5x)

2. Greek Word: Baptizo: (Bah-Tizo) Wash, Dip, Dunk, Submerge. Sometimes used mean: Drown. It’s a normal non-religious Greek word. Greeks used it to: (Signify dyeing of garment: Immerse garment in the dye.) (Ship sunk in battle.) (Plato: I am immersed with questions.) (Nicander: Pickle recipe)

3. OT: Gentile wanted to convert, Baptized. Meant: Rejected paganism. Turned God.

4. Between Testaments: Movement of repentance.

5. After Jesus rose from the dead, he told us to go and Baptize!

Jesus followers. Start washing people/baptizing too. (Acts 2:37-38)

Mark 1:6, John’s appearance is like the prophet Elijah.

1. Prophesied Elijah would come first. (Disciples asked Jesus that: It’s John!)

Last verse of the Old Testament prophesied the coming of the messenger. Malachi 4:5-6:

2. God told John’s father he would have the ministry of Elijah. Luke 1:17

3. His clothing was like Elijah. 2 Kings 1:8

That John eats locusts and wild honey is an interesting side note. Suggests he is totally homeless. He does not depend on society to feed him or even bake him bread.

Mark 1:7, What does he mean: baptize with the Holy Spirit? (Jesus brings a greater baptism than one done by water alone.) Not only will Jesus cleanse us of sins, but sends the Holy Spirit to every believer. (This is called the Indwelling of the Spirit.)

Mark 1:9: The Baptism of Jesus is in all 4 Gospels.

Why was Jesus baptized?

1. Baptism marks the beginning of his public ministry. Steps into the hands of Elijah. Baptized. The Prophet affirms him. God affirms him.

2. To show he is the great high priest. Before mission of redemption, he washes like the High Priest did.

3. To fulfill all righteousness. (Matt. 3:15) To obey God!

4. Baptism symbolized the cross. Jesus referred to his death as a baptism: (Luke 12:49-50) (Mark 10:38)

Mark 1:10, Heaven was torn open. OPENED: is a form of schiz (“to tear, rip” = Torn veil temple Jesus’ death.

Mark 1:10, The Holy Spirit came down as a dove. Notice the Trinity is all present at once at the Baptism of Jesus. God does not “become” the Holy Spirit. He is all three at once.

–Why Jesus need the Holy Spirit? Because he had become fully HUMAN.

God gave him the same resources he would give us.

Isa. 11:2: The Spirit of YHWH will rest on him.

Mark 1:11, The voice from heaven. (Similar to transfiguration) The voice is rare. The Father quotes Psalm 2:7.


Mark 1:12, The Spirit “drove” him is the same word for Jesus driving demons out. (ekballo)

By the way, notice he was “tempted.” See Hebrews 4:15.

That he was with the wild animals may refer to:

–Demons being present? (Wild beasts.) That’s the weakest argument.

–Like Adam: He is at peace with nature. (Isa. 11:6-9)

–Like Daniel. He walks into Satan’s lair; but untouched.

Angels ministered to him. Ministered is the word diakoneo, meaning to be an attendant, i.e. wait upon (menially or as a host, friend, or [figuratively] teacher); techn. to act as a Christian deacon:

MacArthur, “The word ministering (diakoneo) indicates that these angels provided Jesus with food.”

Mark 1:15, Jesus message was very simple. History had been moving toward this event. Turning point of salvation history. (Gal. 4:3-5)

Mark 1:16, Galilee 13×7 mile long fresh water lake. OT, sea of Genneseret (Heb: Chinnereth): Means Harp. Shaped like a harp. (Also known: Sea of Tiberias, because Herod Antipas founded a city on shore.)

Mark 1:17, He did not request they follow him. He commanded it. Demanded.

Mark 1:18, they obeyed quickly. There is something deeply irresistible about Jesus.

Mark 1:19, Jesus would later name James and John “the sons of thunder.” I like how they left everything, even father. By the way, Jesus was related to this family.

Mark 1:25, Jesus did not dialogue or negotiate with the demon. No rituals. He just cast him out.

–Jesus knew the demon was there all along; the demon picked the fight. Got scared.

–The Spirit trys to hold on to the man: Convulses, cries, loud voice. Terrified.

–The demons screams, he’s not allowed to talk anymore!

Mark 1:29-30,

1. Peter was married: How you get a mother in law. 1. Cor. 9:5: Peter’s wife traveled with him. (Clement mentioned Peter’s wife’s execution.) Peter and Andrew lived in Capernaum. Extended family.

2. The healing: Quick, powerful and complete. No waiting.

Powerful: “the fever left her.” Too mild. Lit: The fever forsook her.”

It ran away! Suggests the fever supernatural.

3. God heals so that we may better serve.

4. Jewish thought: No one can heal fever but God.

Mark 1:34, Why did Jesus not allow demons to speak?

1. As a miracle worker, Jesus wants to remain hidden. (Different other miracle workers!)

He did not want to be primarily known for miracles but message; Messiah.

His mission was not one of healing, saving.

2. He is not a showman. He knows that real faith isn’t built on the hype of a moment.

3. He did not want to be identified with them.

They lie all day and night; hurt people. He did not want them representing him.

4. To testify to truth is a blessing he would not give them.

To preach. To share your testimony.

5. He did not want them to think their proclamation could save them.

Mark 1:35, Jesus got his direction and power from prayer.

Mark 1:40-45, in the account of the leper, notice the word “but” in V.45. It’s “instead” in the NIV. Instead of doing what he was told to do, he went out and told everyone! The result was hardship for Jesus.

Mark 2:1-3, Jesus heals a paralytic.

1. This man must have felt helpless. At the constant mercy of others. No life of his own.

2. He had amazing friends. Dug in soft clay of the roof.

3. Faith is evident in what we DO. Jesus “saw” their faith.

4. Jesus response is to address his spiritual problem ahead of his physical problem. His spiritual problem is that he is a sinner. That is a bigger issue than being unable to walk.

Mark 2:6, Scribes = Lawyers. The scribes were responsible both to copy and preserve the Scriptures, as well as interpret them in order to instruct the people.

Mark 2:7 There are 3 types of Blaspheme:

1. To Blaspheme the Law. (Stephen and Paul were accused of this)

2. To speak evil of God directly. (Cursing the name.)

3. When a sinful human claimed divine authority. Mortal to act as if he was God.

Mark 2:10, “Son of man.” JI Packer: “Son of Man” referred to Jesus’ role as Savior-King, fulfilling Isaiah’s depiction of the Messiah as both the suffering Savior¹ and the coming King where he is called, “The Mighty God,” “The Everlasting Father,” The Prince of Peace.”

Mark 2:11-12, Jesus showed he has authority to forgive sins by healing the man. His power in the physical realm proves his power in the spiritual realm. Neither can be seen or explained.

Notice this account has three miracles:

1. He knew their thoughts. He did not need them to verbalize what was in their hearts.

2. He forgave the man. Only God can do this. He didn’t argue with that premise.

3. He fully healed the man. The miracle is used as proof that Jesus is God.

Mark 2:13-17, Jesus calls Levi.

1. Tax collector seen as a traitor. Supporting his family by helping Romans!

Rome required Jews pay taxes. Galilee, responsibility to collect fell on Herod Antipas. He sold tax collection franchises to highest bidder. Purchased a franchise, required to meet a minimum quota for Rome. Anything collected beyond that you could keep. Tax Collectors then hired people to sit at booth and collect the taxes.

–Road tolls. –Income Tax (1%) –Land Tax. Transport goods/produce. –Crossing Bridges.

–Matthew appears to be hired to engage with the people, collect the money.

–Booth near the shore, probably collecting taxes on the fishing trade.

2. Matthew left everything and followed Jesus. (Like James/John in boat.)

Jesus saw individuals. Did not count people “OUT” in blocks.


3. Jesus saying: These people are spiritually sick. Should I care?

Mark 2:18, They were CHOOSING to fast. Only 1 required fast day: Yom Kippur. He was not refusing to obey the Law. He was rejecting man made traditions.

Mark 2:19, He’s saying: This isn’t the time. Knowing spiritually what time it is is important. There is a time to pray. Time celebrate. Mourn. Preach. Listen. Fast. = Jesus: right now, God is on earth. You need not seek God by fasting. Seek God by following.

Mark 2:21-22

1. Cloth: Putting your NEW teachings on the OLD Scriptures will do damage to the meaning of God’s Word. The Gospel cannot be patched into their legalism. All the things they added were tearing people apart.


2. Wineskins: Your old rules cannot contain God’s Word.


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