Four Miracles of the Cross

April 5, 2020   /   Palms Baptist Church

Four Miracles of the Cross

Matthew 27:45-54

The Crown of thorns is a picture of what Jesus did for us. Adam’s sin resulted in the curse of thorns on the earth. Jesus took our curse upon his head.

Miracle #1: (Darkness)

Matthew 27:45

Three times the Bible describes darkness:

  • On Egypt during the plagues. (Exodus 10:21)
  • On Earth during end days plagues. (Revelation 16:10)
  • On the Cross during the crucifixion. (Matthew 27:45)

““The darkness meant judgment, the judgment of God upon our sins, his wrath as it were burning itself out in the very heart of Jesus, so that he as our Substitute, suffered most intense agony, indescribable woe, terrible isolation or forsakenness. Hell came to Calvary that day and the Savior descended into it and bore its horrors in our stead.” -William Hendricksen

Miracle #2: (The Curtain)

Matthew 27:51

Miracle #3: (The Earthquake)

(God is doing something)

Jesus said that if men did not praise him, the rocks would cry out. Luke 19:40

Miracle #4: (The raised Saints)

Matthew 27:52=53


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