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February 6, 2021   /   Pastor David Squyre   /   Palms Baptist Church

3 Secrets of the Ark

Exodus 25:10-22 give the early directions about the Ark. It was a chest of acacia wood overlaid with gold. It was built to carry the ten commandments as well as Aaron’s staff that budded and a gold jar of manna. It was called the “Ark of Yahweh” the “Divine Ark” the “Ark of the Testimony” and “The Ark of the Covenant.”

1. The ark represented the

The cover is called a “Mercy seat” because someone sits on it. The Ark reminded the Hebrews of the invisible presence of the Almighty; their true king. The Cherubim had spread wings over the mercy seat to symbolize God exalted among the angels. The Ark led the Hebrews both on their journey and into war.


2. It was not to be

It was kept in the Holy of Holies, hidden by a curtain. When it was moved, it was covered in three layers of cloth. (Numbers 4)

3. The ark was not to be

The reason the ark had rings in it was so that poles could be run through the rings and it could be carried without humans laying hands on the holy object. A special order of priests called the Kohathites tended to the Ark. (Ex. 25:12)

Text: 2 Samuel 6:1-15

2 Samuel 6:1: The thirty thousand David gathered are probably from his army.

2 Samuel 6:2: The Ark is called by the name of Yahweh of hosts; God who is over the angels and sits between the angels. The mightiest realm of angels fall flat before God. They quake in his presence.

2 Samuel 6:7: I don’t think lightning from heaven struck Uzzah, but power burst forth from the very Ark.

2 Sauel 6:8: Why is David angry?

1. He was publicly rebuked in a severe manner.

2. He was trying his best and felt rejected.

3. A man was struck dead and that blood

1 Samuel 6:10: Obed Edom is a priest. In 1 Chronicles 26:4 he minister at the tabernacle. In Chronicles 15:21 lists him as one of the worship leaders, and 1 Chronicles 16:32 notes that he was a gatekeeper to the ark.

2 Samuel 6:8: Perez Uzzah: God broke through, similar wording for when God broke through in war. This time his servants have declared war on him and His holiness.

Reminders: God is a King.

  • A King.
  • A King.
  • A King
  • A King:
  • A King.


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