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Come to the Table of Grace
February 28, 2021

Come to the Table of Grace

February 28, 2021

2 Samuel 9:1-12

  • 2 Samuel 9:1: David remembers his covenant with Jonathan.
  • 2 Samuel 9:2: The house of Saul is the rival house for the throne.
  • 2 Samuel 9:4: Lo-Debar means “nothing.” It is a barren place with no crops.

The House of Saul was condemned.

1. Enemy. Rival house.

2. Lame: Spiritually fallen.

3. Distant. He lives in nowhere.

4. Hopeless. No futureless. House is cut off.

5. Impoverished. No income. No farm.

6. Shamed: (Mephibosheth means “one who scatters shame”)

  • 2 Samuel 9:6: Mephibosheth throws himself down. It’s easy for a strong person to throw themselves down because they can get up. But a cripple thinks hard before getting into any situation because they need to know how they will get out. For him to throw himself down is a sign of great humility and personal sacrifice.

Story: August 5, 2010 there was an explosion at the San Jose Copper Mine in Chile. 33 copper miners were trapped for 1,600 feet underground for 69 days. The entrance to the mine was blocked by a 700,000 ton rock. When they were lifted out, Shep Smith said, “Honestly, we worried this might not be interesting news on TV, just watching these guys lifted out of a mine. But in 24 years of covering news, this is the least boring things I’ve covered.” Because as they lifted those guys out, every one of them was full of joy. Every one of them was a story. How we should feel about ever baptism, every salvation, every repentance.

1. God me. (2 Samuel 9:1)

Erwin Lutzer of Moody Bible used to take his first year preaching students to the graveyard to preach. He’d have them give their best sermon, then call for an invitation. Of course, no one came, because they were all dead. Lutzer would tell his students, “You better pray God move on the heart when you preach, because the best you’ve got won’t raise the dead.”

2. God me. (2 Samuel 9:7)

3. God (Four times it says he will eat at David’s table)

2 Samuel 9:7 , 2 Samuel 9:10, 2 Samuel 9:13, 2 Samuel 9:11

4. God me.

2 Samuel 21. (Esp. 2 Samuel 21:7)

5. God for me.

1 Peter 1:19

My response =

2 Samuel. 16, 2 Samuel 19:28



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