Palms Baptist Church
Benchwarmer Faith
July 5, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Mark 10:

Benchwarmer Faith

July 5, 2020 / Mark 10:

Mark 10:35-45

Signs Your Sidelined

  • Lack of Investment is God’s Work
  • Indifference or Frustration in your Faith
  • Prayer is a Chore
  • God seems Silent or Unfaithful
  • Quick to criticize leadership, fellow believers, or the conduct of ministries/church
  • Worship has become about the personal “experience” and not about an offering to God
  • Developing or have an increase in Doubt


  • The Game: ITS ALL ABOUT !!!
    • Romans 11:36
      • “For from him and through him and for him are all things.
            To him be the glory forever! Amen.”
  • James and John were playing a different game
    • They were concerned about their glory
      • ““Let US sit at your right and other at your left in your glory”- VS. 37
      • “You don’t’ know what you are asking” – VS. 38
  • Understand the Rules ()
    • How can we understand the answer if we don’t understand the question. We don’t’ understand the question because we don’t’ understand the GAME
  • Be Reminded of the Rules ()
  • Penalties for Cheating ()


  • James and John did not trust the Game plan
    • Their Game Plan for Christ’s glory was ruling on the throne of Israel, separate from Rome
      • They would serve on his cabinet
    • God had a different plan for Christ’s glory
      • Christ already told them 3 times he would die
      • Christ said they would suffer like him
      • The one’s prepared to sit on his left and right in His glory were the criminals He was crucified between
    • Luke 21:12-13- Our Game Plan now is the Gospel
    • We trust God’s plan for redemption, but we don’t trust His plan for:
        • Justice
        • Inequality
        • Poverty
        • Violence
        • World issues

Be a Player

  • Greatest Commandment – Matthew 22:36-40
    • We are called to love and serve God but also each other
      • We can’t do this alone
  • Problem with this: People are annoying!
  • If you play the game for you, you will be benched.
    • You either don’t know the game or are playing selfishly
  • Some of you got hurt playing the game, in resting, your scared to re-engage in fear of getting hurt


  • The Cross is called the Passion of Christ
    • Do we Serve, Worship, and Love with the same Passion as Christ?
  • To Play with Passion means…
    • To play with Determination
    • To Play with Purpose
    • To Sacrifice for the Goal
    • To Play with Focus
    • To have personal investment


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