Palms Baptist Church Bible Study
Feast of Tabernacles
September 21, 2021

Feast of Tabernacles

September 21, 2021

1. Take a moment and review the three fall Holy Days:–Rosh Hashana: The Biblical New Year.–Yom Kippir: The Day of Fasting. (Fulfilled by Jesus)–Tabernacles: A Biblical Thanksgiving.
2. Why did God want them to remember that their descendants had lived in booths?Lev. 23:43 so your descendants will know that I had the Israelites live in booths when I brought them out of Egypt.
3. Take time to discuss things we are thankful for.
4. At tabernacles, they remembered the wilderness story.  What are some highlights you remember from the wilderness story? (See “Wilderness Highlights” for discussion points.)
5. Why would it be significant if Jesus was born on tabernacles?
6. At tabernacles there were two big ceremonies at the temple.  The water ceremony and the lit lamps.  What is the significance of Jesus statement to these ceremonies?“I am the living water.”“I amt he light of the world.”
7. Tabernacles is prophetic of the final dwelling of God with mankind on the New Earth. (Revelation 21:1-3) Do you think of heaven in terms of a new earth?
Wilderness Highlights:1. The waters at Mara were “bitter.”  God made them sweet. (Ex. 15:22-27)2. God gave them manna to eat. (Ex. 16:13-35)3. When they complained about Manna, God sent Quail. (Ex. 16:13-16)4. At Rephidim God gave them water from a rock. (Ex. 17:1-7)5. Amalek attacked while they drank water. (Ex. 17:8-16) Moses held his arms, Joshua fought battle, Aaron/Hur held up Moses.6. They came to Mount Sinai: 3 months after leaving Egypt. (Ex. 19:1-6)–God came down in thunder, lightning.  Thick cloud covered the mortmain.  Smoke/Fire.  Ground trembled.–Gave them the 10 commandments.–They made a Golden Calf. (Ex.32)–God showed Moses his glory. (Ex.33)7. Their cloths did not wear out. (Dt. 8:4-5)8. They complained about hardships.  God sent fire. (Nu. 11:1-3)9. Aaron’s sons offered “strange fire” on the altar/killed by fire. (Lev. 10:1-11)10. Miriam complained about Moses.  God struck with Leprosy. (Num. 12)11. The sons of Korah rebelled against Moses. (Nu. 16) The complaint was that Moses should not be the only one who represents God to the people.  To show his favor on Moses, God opened the earth up on Korah and swallowed him.12. Miracle of Aaron’s Rod.  Continued to bud though cut.  (Num. 17)13. Complaining no bread.  God sent snakes.  The snakes bit the people.  Moss made a bronze snake.  All who looked on the bronze snake were healed. (Nu. 21)14. Balaam tried to prophecy against Israel, but only blessed them. (Num. 22-24)15. Moses’ death is recorded in Dt. 34.  This ends the “tabernacles” period and begins the Conquest period under Joshua.

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