Could Hitler be Saved? (God’s Law of Action)

December 15, 2020   /   Ryan Brown   /   Palms Baptist Church Bible Study

  • Sometimes, asking extreme questions exposes a lot about God’s nature and our Heart
  • Absurd questions illicit emotions in us: emotions come from passion, passion from mission, mission from affection
    • Follow the emotion, you find the affection
  • God designed everything in creation from the governing natural law to our capacities to our created purpose so that we possess responsibility (Ability to appropriately respond)
    • Newton’s 3rd Law of motion, “For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction”
      • God’s Law of Action, “For every action of God, there is an appropriate or inappropriate reaction”
    • Often, Leads us to the Jonah 4 response
    • Christ gives the Laborers in Vineyard response – Matthew 20:1-16
      • We impune God’s character often by our lack of understanding
      • Derives from pride, we think our understanding, power, and even sin is more powerful or influential than the blood of Jesus
  • Christians Know biblical concepts, but we differ in its degree of knowledge and application
  • Sometimes, we need reminders of biblical truths because we forget its true impact

What Condemns Us?

Condemns Us

What is Sin?


  • Cancer cells are essentially deviant cells that lack purpose; and otherwise had a purpose
  • A cell that does not fulfill its purpose leaves the body weakened
  • A cancer cell often consumes more resources than it needs, which takes away from what living cells need
  • Cancer cells reproduce that eventually bring death


  • Sin is our deviance to fulfill the purpose to which we were created: serve, trust, and worship God
  • Sin detracts us from our purpose and leaves society, government, culture, and ourselves weakened
  • Sin consumes more of our resources that takes away from our purpose (time, money, attention, anxiety, control, etc.)
  • The fruit of sin is death in our lives: relationships, morality, spiritually,

GOD’S ACTION: Made us realize we are not God, and our essential purpose is to serve and worship God

APPROPRIATE RESPONSE: Recognize we have rejected that purpose, repent, and start fulfilling that purpose

*Hitler’s sin condemned him, just as our sin condemns us

Are we really AS BAD as Hitler?

Concepts to Remember

God is our Supreme 

  • Genesis 1:27
  • Why do I need Jesus?
    • Coworkers question:
        • “I’m not perfect, nobody is, but its not like I’m Hitler”
        • “All have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God”- Romans 3:23
        • NOTE the Comparison:
          • “I’m not perfect, nobody is” = “All have Sinned”
          • Coworkers comparison: “I’m not Hitler”
          • Paul’s Comparison: “We’re not God”
  • Our comparison determines the of our response
    • Compare to “better men”
      • Inappropriate Response: 
        • We begin to serve or worship “better” men
        • We use worldly metrics in our comparison (money, fame, success)
    • Compare to “Lesser men”
      • Inappropriate Response:
        • We believe ourselves higher than the “lesser men”
        • We begin to judge others and serve and worship ourselves
    • Compare to God

If you play the Comparison game, you may believe yourself better than other men by worldly metrics, but you are not better than God as a god by His metrics

We are closer aligned to the character of Hitler than the character of God

God measures us by  and 

  • Another Coworker example
  • Luke 21:1-4 – Proportionality of Wealth
  • Luke 16:10-13 – Proportionality of influence
    • There have been times in my life that I lived a depraved lifestyle while poor, let alone if I was a millionaire
  • Luke 17:8-10 – Proportionality of Faithfulness

Our God is a God of 

Truth is, we all have had “Hitler Moments”:

Fundamental Truth: WHERE YOU MUCH, YOU ARE  MUCH

God’s Action: He forgives us

Appropriate Response: !

Inappropriate Response: 

The reason we don’t see a large degree of love in ourselves is:

  1. We don’t really feel forgiven
  2. We don’t feel we need forgiving (by metric of comparison or proportionality)

To live out the full potential of our purpose to Fear God, we must first be:

  • Properly aligned in our comparison to realize how insufficient we are to God
  • Understand how unfaithful we are with the little things
  • REMEMBER THE GOSPEL ALWAYS: Recognize the gravity and depths of our sin and God’s grace and what we received
  • Worship and serve God by Loving in His name!

Could Hitler go to Heaven?

Answer: If Hitler repented, aligned himself in proper comparison to God and committed himself to the service and worship of God, then equivocally YES!

And If God could forgive Hitler of His sins, He can forgive YOU!



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