The Jesus Perspective Part 5 – Work for Peace

March 21, 2021   /   Pacific Life Church

Work for Peace

Matthew 5:9 “God blesses those who work for peace, for they will be called the children of God.”

What does it mean that “God blesses those who work for peace”? 

Peace is harmonious relationships between ,  between , and between people and .

How do we, as Christ followers, respond peaceably to conflict?


Matthew 5:38-42

Romans 12:17-21

“Never pay back evil with more evil. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honorable. Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone. Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say, ‘I will take revenge; I will pay them back, says the Lord.’ Instead, ‘If your enemies are hungry, feed them. If they are thirsty, give them something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals of shame on their heads.’ Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.”

Proverbs 15:1 

A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare.”

  • Those who have chosen to follow are children of God.
  • Pursuing peace and harmony with the children of God.
  • As children of God, we are sons and daughters of the – and siblings with each other.
  • Find ways to pursue in the face of our disagreements. 


Focus on the Church right where we are at today

Let’s for each other and pray for success in people (our soon-to-be adopted siblings) for the Kingdom of God. 

Whatever has the possibility of us… remember that the bonds that unite us in are stronger. 

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