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Turning Points – Week 2
March 6, 2022

Turning Points – Week 2

March 6, 2022

Just being with Jesus

Luke 10:38-42         

Backstory 1: Abraham & the 3 Strangers

Genesis 18: 1-8

    Examples in Abraham of a life of service




Backstory 2: God Creates

Genesis 1 – 2:3

And there was _________________ and there was _______________

 Our identity is not based on what we ________. Our identity is based on how to _________.

The One Word: AVAD

Psalm 100:1-2, Joshua 24:14-15

_________________ is ________________ is _________________



  • Read Luke 10:30-42 (The Good Samaritan and at the Home of Martha & Mary)
  • Scholars believe Luke “coupled” these two stories together on purpose. What’s the connection?
  • AVAD intertwines work with service with worship. What are ways AVAD might be our response to the Greatest Commandment in Luke 10:27?
  • What are some turning points for Jesus’s life, ministry, and example in Luke 10?


  • Tell about a time you really got the sense that your service to God was worshiping God.
  • Read Romans 12: 3-13. Which example of service best describes you? Give an example.
  • Do you relate more to being a Martha or a Mary? Why?


  • God referred to our everyday vocations as the “masks” of God. On the surface others see an ordinary human face—a mother or father, a doctor or teacher or waitress, a student or athlete, a “neighbor”—but beneath the outward appearance, God is serving us through them. God is hidden in human “callings”. Can you think of a time you experienced the presence of God in someone else?
  • What’s a simple yet significant act of service you can easily perform this week? 


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