Generations – Week 5

May 30, 2021   /   Our Savior Lutheran Church

Generations – Week 5

All Generations Belong

Acts 2:1-21

The Spirit draws disciples of Jesus together. (Ac 2:1). 

The Spirit raises all to the same level. (Ac 2:3-4). 

The Spirit works through us collectively and individually. (Ac 2:5–8)

The Spirit calls us beyond us.(Ac 2:16–21)

What’s my part in all generations belonging?

  • 3 truths


  •  3 efforts



  • Read Acts 2:1-21. Work together as a group to list the things the Spirit does and the groups of people involved. What sticks out as you compare these lists?


  • Do you feel like you belong as part of the church? What has happened (and continues to happen) that makes you feel that way?
  • How have you experienced belonging from someone of a different generation than you?
  • How have you been part of someone else of another generation experiencing belonging? 


  • We shared 3 efforts we can each make towards all generations belonging. How will you start seeking to make these efforts? Who is the person you have in mind for each?
    • Share coffee/meal/serving with someone from another generation at least once every 3 months for the purpose of getting to know them.
    • Check in with someone of another generation every two weeks and share prayer requests.
    • Tell others why they mattered and why they matter now


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