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The Revelation Pt 8 The Time Has Come
February 24, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Revelation 22:10-20

The Revelation Pt 8 The Time Has Come

February 24, 2021 / Revelation 22:10-20

The Time Has Come

The Finale Chapter Chapters Revelation 19-22

A Time to See

After the final vials are opened Christ comes back for the final showdown

  • The Rider upon the White Horse Rev. 19:11-16
  • The Allied Evil Powers Gathered together and the Victory of the Lamb Rev.19:17-21
  • Satan’s Overthrow Rev. 20:1-10

3 Levels of Hell

1st) Abraham’s Bosom: Luke 16:23

2nd) Hades/ bottomless pit Luke 16:24-31

3rd) Lake of Fire Revelation 19:20, Revelation 20:10-15

A Time To Hear & Reflect

The White Throne Judgment

  • The Last Judgment takes place. The book of life and the book of works are opened. Rev. 20:11-15

The New City

  • The description and design of the City of God Rev. 21:1-27
  • Paradise Restored Rev. 22:1-5
  • And there shall be no more curse….The Last Enemy to be Destroyed is death Revelation 22:3

The Fullness of Times are at Hand

A Time to Make Up Your Mind

  • The Revelation of the times for decisions to be made. CH. 22:6-16
  1. Revelation 22:10 We know right from wrong so Jesus gives us the invitation to come
  2. Revelation 22:11 We know before we practice so choose your destiny: We , will be rewarded for our decision
  3. Revelation 22:12 We have seen our past, present and our choice of destiny will choose our future

A Time to Tell Somebody

  • The Evangelistic call and invitation for all the saints in the Body of Christ Rev. 22:17-19
  1. Two that invites:
    1. The Spirit
    2. The Bride
      1. Without the bride’s witness, the Spirit is voiceless, without the Spirit the witness of the Bride is Powerless
    3. Three Classes that’s invited
      1. Those that Hear
      2. Those who are Thirsty
      3. Those who will come
    4. The Harvest is Ripe and Ready
      1. It’s our Season
      2. John 4:35-36
    5. Intercession for the Labourers
      1. Luke 10:2
      2. We need some laborers who will invest and use their hands and their hearts
      3. Pray for the wolves
    6. The Pull Down Witness
      1. 2 Corinthians 10:4-6
  • The Benediction 22:20-21
  1. Final Marching Orders
  2. Matthew 28:19-20
  3. He’s On His way Back, He’s Invested in You
    1. When will Jesus Return? No one can say. Maybe today. Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next century. No one knows the hour He will descend from the clouds in great glory. But make no mistake: He is Coming! So while we wait lets…
    2. Keep the Word
    3. Live By the Word and Wash Your Robe
    4. Answer the Call
    5. Prepare for Your Reward
  4. Conclusion: There’s More to You Than Meet’s The Eye

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