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Thank God for the Benefit Package
November 18, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Psalms 103:1-22

Thank God for the Benefit Package

November 18, 2020 / Psalms 103:1-22

The Benefit Package

Ps. 103:1-22

 Introduction: In the job market, everyone is concerned about benefits. We select careers predicated on the benefits that are available. We enter relationships with this on our minds..what’s the benefits? In the words of our text, David asked a tremendous question; “What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits toward me?” The question is based on believer’s reflection of the unlimited-ness of Divine goodness. How often do you review your benefit package as a servant of God?

In our world of today, we live in a thankless society. The word thank you is something of ancient times. We have thankless jobs, thankless associates, thankless children, friends, and even thankless relatives. When you are having lunch or just out having a meal in a restaurant, how many people do you see bow their heads and give thanks over their food? 

We as Christians can sometimes be ungrateful with others and even ungrateful to God. When it comes to God, we take Him for granted. When it comes to God, the only time we seek Him is when we want something from Him. The only time we seek the face of God is when we are in trouble. The only time we seek the face of God is when we are sick or a loved one is sick.

The only time we seek the face of God is when our children get into trouble. The only time we seek the face of God is when we end up in trouble

In life, everyone seeks benefits. As Christians, we should always give thanks unto the Lord and not take His grace and mercy for granted.

The Psalmist in our text, revealed that God’s benefits are so great until it moved him to ask himself; “What shall I render unto the Lord for all His benefits toward me?”

To that end the Psalmist lists several benefits of serving the Lord:

I. The Reason. (Real praise and gratitude are born of a loving heart for God.

  1. The Psalmist Loved the Lord and never wanted to forget what the Lord had done for him.
    1. Heard my voice (My Repentance)
    2. He Pardoned my sins  Psalm 103:3
    3. Renewed my strength
  2. Question: What are some reason’s that you are Thankful to God, for what He has done in your life?
    1. His Availability and Deliverance Power vs Psalm 103:4-5

II. The Reflection and Remembrance. (The Psalmist looks back upon his on experiences and Remembers and reflects upon his benefit package.)

    1. Our praise/worship is energized when the believer constantly reviews his benefits package. At the heart of worship are reflection and remembrance. When each soul remembers God’s goodness, earthly worship would become more like the heavenly experience. Let us consider the many benefits of serving the Lord.
  1. He waited on Me for what He Prepared for Me by revealing His Character & Deeds (His Ways) vs. Psalm 103:6-7
    1. His Graciousness (Didn’t hold onto my wrongs but forgave me)
    2. His Mercifulness (He loved me instead of judging me)
    3. His Righteousness ( He whipped me but didn’t kill me)
    4. His Perseverance (He preserved me instead of punishing me)


  1. He’s Compassionate. He didn’t do me like folks that say they love did. Psalm 103:8
    1. Read the Message of my tears
    2. Gave me Power from my pain Psalm 103:10
    3. Gave me a purpose in private and gave me power in public Psalm 103:11

What are some benefits that God has given to us just today?

  1. When you opened your eyes this morning and you knew you were in the land of the living that’s a benefit.
  2. If you were able to swing yourself out of bed without assistance that’s a benefit.
  3. If you were able to walk to the bathroom and take care of your personal needs without assistance, that’s a benefit.
  4. If you are able to put on your clothes without assistance, that’s a benefit.
  5. If you are able to fix your own food and feed yourself, that’s a benefit.
  6. If you are able to maintain a roof over your head, that’s a benefit.
  7. If you are able to handle day-to-day problems and not loose your mind because God has regulated your mind, that’s a benefit.

(He could’ve kept it complicated) and made you remember all of these:

  1. When you were sick, and you called on Jehovah Rapha, the God that healeth, that’s a benefit.
  2. When you needed God to show up and show out, you called on Jehovah Elohim, the one true God, that’s a benefit.
  3. When you had to go to court, and you needed someone to step in for you, you called on Jehovah Nissi, the Lord is your banner, that’s a benefit.
  4. When your money was acting funny and you needed to provide for your family, you called on Jehovah Jireh, the Lord that will provide, that’s a benefit.
  5. When you need someone to fight your battles for you, you can call on El Shaddai, the almighty God, that’s a benefit.
  6. When hell is braking out all around you and you need some peace, you can call on Jehovah Shalom, the Lord of peace, that’s a benefit.
  7. This is why Im thankful, When I couldn’t remember what to say all I have to do is call on the name of Jesus and Every Knee Has to Bow. That’s a Benefit!

III. The Response  (He Responds to God’s wonderful benefits) with a Question. What shall I render?

  1. Let all that I am Praise the Lord vs. Psalm 103:13-14
  2. He knows my Frame Ps 139:5-9, 13-14
    1. 14 He framed me up. He knows Im only dust, that can when the wind blows we are gone

He knows me better than I know myself (when I am weak HE IS STRONG

  1. The Public Witness
    1. Philippians 3:10 I want to know Him and the Power of His Resurrection and Fellowship of His Suffering. One thing I do, Forgetting Those Things

The Retirement Package

Psalm 103:15-23

  1. I’m gonna put on my robe and tell the story of how I made it over
  2. The Wicked will Cease from troubling & the weary will be at rest
  3. I Fought the Good Fight
  4. 1 Thess. 4:16 For the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout!! He’s coming back..I will be caught up
  5. Wipe Every tear
  6. 1 Thess. 5:16 Keep on rejoicing, keep on praying, in everything give thanks

The Lord say I’m coming quickly my reward is with me

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