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Principles of Powerful Prayer Pt.1: Standing in the Secret Place
September 8, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Ephesians 6:18

Principles of Powerful Prayer Pt.1: Standing in the Secret Place

September 8, 2021 / Ephesians 6:18

Standing in the Secret Place

Ephesians 6:18

  1. The Power of Prayer
    1. The Value of Prayer
      1. Jesus spent the whole night in Prayer
        1. Luke 6:12
      2. Daniel Prayed 3 Times a Day
        1. Daniel 6:10
  • Jesus commanded that we should always pray
    1. Luke 18:1
    2. Prayer is 2-way communication
  1. Paul declared that we should pray without ceasing
    1. 1 Thessalonians 5:17
    2. A constant mold of prayer (Lord help me to respond right)
  2. 7 Specific Components and Elements About Praying
    1. Ephesians 6:18
    2. Posture of Prayer
      1. Praying Always
        1. Praying
          1. Directing my need & request towards God
          2. To Worship (Learn how to worship no matter what)
          3. Gods Credit is Good for Us (Lord I thank You Ahead of Time)
        2.  Always
          1. Fixed toward God at all times
          2. I have the right spirit (when I come to Go sim not mad or bitter)
          3. God knew before you know (He’s not shocked)
          4. Be in proper fellowship with God (Repent)
            1. Doesn’t mean always being down on my knees
      2. Petition
        1. Prayer & Supplication
          1. Prayer: Worshipping God
          2. Supplication: To Beg or solicit
          3. The day we come In with worship
          4. The devil defeats us because of our focus
          5. No matter what you feel like worship Him because He’s God
      3. Power
        1. Pray in the Spirit
          1. I’m not praying according to my flesh
          2. What I want instead of what God wants
          3. Allow the Holy Spirit to pray for/through us
            1. Romans 8:26-27
            2. We want Relief / Holy Spirit wants Growth
            3. According to the Will of God
          4. Not Programmed
            1. Matthew 6:7
            2. Words & Phrases repeated over and over
        2. Prayer Languages / Tongues
          1. 1 Cor 14:2, 14-15
          2. Allowing the Holy Spirit to speak things we don’t understand
      4. Prudence
        1. Being Watchful
          1. Keep watchful, to be sleepless, not to hibernate
          2. Sleep mode means you just don’t care, stop praying, stop watching, and expecting how He is going to answer
          3. Not losing the faith (I don’t how but I know He will make away)
            1. He is Always on Time. Get up looking and Expecting. Hope maketh not ashamed
      5. Persevere
        1. Pray with Perseverance
        2. To continue steadily in spite of opposition.
        3. Don’t let challenges stop you or slow you down. Keep pushing
          1. Forget about what you look like, Get to Where He is
      6. People
        1. Pray for All Saints
        2. God is looking for warriors who will go to prayer for other people and believers
        3. Call out names, bring their needs to the altar. Keep a prayer list with individual names
        4. Somebody prayed for you
          1. People can get saved, delivered by the bombardment of your prayers
      7. People in Positions
        1. Pray for your authorities (and for me) vs.19
          1. Leaders need your prayers
          2. We all need your prayers

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