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Surviving the Times Pt.4: I’m Shielded By My Faith
August 25, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Ephesians 6:10-18

Surviving the Times Pt.4: I’m Shielded By My Faith

August 25, 2021 / Ephesians 6:10-18

  1. Our Battle is Four Fold
    1. Principalities: Demons has ranks. Demons that are structured in rankings: Lead Demon /Subservient Demon
    • Demons that are over territories. The enemy loves territories, communities, states
    • Certain areas of your life he doesn’t want you to get together
    • Ex: Subservient Demon-your ugly, your short, not pretty, no one wants you, change your look Head Demon- You are not acceptable Defeat it: I’m Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
    • Subservient Demon-They Can’t tell you what to do/ Head Demon- Rejection of Authority Defeat It: I’m submitting to my neighbor out of Reverence for my Christ
    • Stop wrestling with the lower-level demons, and go after the chiefs
    • God designed you to rebuke the lead demon

b. Powers: Demonic force that cripples abilities, sabotage capacity, take control, defy authority manipulates delegated influence

Likes to manipulate with signs and wonders

    • Likes to create fear
    • Wants you to think you are not valuable & God doesn’t love you
    • The Devil loves to Bring Up your faults, and failures
    • I’m not going to God on the basis of my righteousness, but I’m coming in His righteousness. Who He is
    • I’m Thanking God it’s not based on me, not me but it you Oh Lord
    • Ephesians 1:15-23
    • Ephesians 3:8-12
    • Colossians 2:9-15
    • 1 Peter 3:22
    • Know Your Role
    • Use Your Mouth (Quote what the scripture says
    • Make It Known With Boldness ( Don’t be scared, use your authority)

c. Rulers of Darkness: Devil loves and is a master of secrets, lies, and deceptions

    • Rules in areas of darkness where there is an absence of light, and truth
      • Some lie that has been accepted as truth
      • He loves to torment you and keep you in bondage
      • Paints pictures in your mind to make you think something is a certain way and in reality its not that way at all
      • Eve & the Fruit / Jesus in the wilderness


    • The devil knows how to come up with a scheme and a plot for every generation
      • Every age has its own area of darkness
    • Confession Breaks the hold and torment
      • James 5:14-16
      • Light will always dispel the darkness

    d. Spiritual Hosts of Wickedness in Heavenly Places: Demonic Plots, Plots, and schemes that the devil is orchestrating to knock you off track pull you away from your walk with Christ. He goes after what you love and what you like.

    • These plots are set up to hurt and offend
    • Planned and executed in High Places
      • In the spirit realm demons plot, scheme, control, manipulate to put you in a place to worship the wrong thing.
    • Orchestrated events that happen in your life that gives him credit
    • This is a place of worship for him
      • The devil stopped me, he won’t let me win
      • The devil made me do it
      • He wants you to give him credit
    • Joseph Example shows in his natural standpoint he could’ve said God don’t care
      • God has not finished writing your story
      • Don’t close the book until you get to the end
    • Devil, you meant it for evil, but my God meant it for my good
      • It was painful but it made me better
      • I am able to Praise God while I wait


    1. Our Weapons
    • The Whole Armour: Every day we have to put this armor on. The Strength to Stand
    • The Belt of Truth (See the Previous Lesson)
    • The Breast Plate of Righteousness (See Previous Lessons)
    • Shoes Shod with Gospel of Peace (See the Previous Lesson)
    • The Shield of Faith
    1. Dealing with the wicked one’
      1. The devil is a wicked one
    1. He’s ugly
    2. He’s Trouble/ Evil
    • Anything that comes in your life that’s evil, worthless, bad, ugly it came from hell
    1. He is the author of confusion
    2. God will permit bad, but the devil has to get permission| can not intrude into your life without permission
    3. Praise God because if God allows it, He knows you can handle it
      1. He likes to bring into your life fiery darts
      2. Arrows with flame attached to them
      3. What he wants to see is him shoot these arrows in your life and land a create a fire in the rest of your life. Fires are consuming and it loves to connect to things that are flammable (anger, jealousy, envy, hatred, unforgiveness, bitterness)
      1. Enemy Ignite fiery fires (ignite, flowing, inflamed ultimate goal is to inflame something in your life, creating anger, frustration, creating fear
      2. Often manifested in thoughts that come in your mind, words uttered towards you, attitudes people have against you, behaviors and fears internalized
      3. The enemy is trying to introduce these things with the whole goal to get you upset, get you scared, get you angry all incoming in different forms

    How do we make the flames worse?We unfortunately just don’t let them land we flame them, blow on it let it grow unforgiveness harbor, thrive on the anger, get people to join, and get in the fire with you, I’m not going to get in with you

    1. Likes talking about people, causing conflict with people
    2. We have to stop allowing the enemy to do us this way, we have to learn to let some stuff go
    3. Don’t let it blossom, stop allowing it to spread
    4. You will never advance In the kingdom with bitterness
    5. Get off that log, get out of that place, move over to where the favor of God is all on you, and the power of God can fight for you, give you the victory and help you win


    1. Understand you can’t stop the devil from firing these darts at you
      1. Stop getting mad at people talking about you, if you wasn’t doing anything or going anywhere they wouldn’t be talking about you
      2. They are talking because you are going somewhere, and there is an anointing on your life, there is a power on you


    1. You are a threat to the devil’s kingdom
      1. It’s only a sign your anointed
      2. Lift up your heads oh ye gates, be ye lifted up everlasting doors, the King of Glory is on Your Side


    1. We can’t stop them but we can quench them
    1. I can put the flame out
    2. I don’t have to let the flames land and ignite a fire
    • Quenches the Attacks
      1. To extinguish, or to put out the fiery darts
      2. Faith gives you the victory against the darts
        1. Spears or arrows hurls flaming spears at you
        2. But we have to discern what it is and not allow those fiery darts to inflame you. You have to put up the shield of faith and say I Believe God.
        3. Faith has to say I’m on assignment don’t get caught up
        4. The devil wants to make you question yourself, question where you’re going, question who you are
        5. Release A Word in from within
        6. You have to pull from deep within Greater is He that is within me, I am more than a conquer, God has thoughts for me, He has Planned for Me, He has a future for me, He has an end design for me and no matter what the devil says I know He is Working it Out or My Good and Glory is coming out my life
        7. Remember it is not the person, it’s the demon operating


    1. Ephesians 6:16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
      1. Some of the darts, Most, No ALL
      2. Everything that’s thrown at you, You have the compacity to quench


    1. How do we do it? Take the Shield of Faith
    1. Paul is writing from prison
    2. God wants it to cover all aspects of life
      1. It Is Designed to Protect every aspect of your life
    1. Why is that important? A lot of Christians only implement Christian principles in certain areas of their life.
      1. You can have my Sunday mornings Jesus but you can’t have my Saturday nights
      2. Every Arena of my life God is concerned about


      1. Stop living compartmentalized: Church Stuff / Carnal Stuff
    1. Leave God on one side | Devil stuff on the other side
    2. One foot in the world | other foot in the church
    3. Who wants people who check off their Sunday ritual then go back living the way they want. You mess up when you start picking and choosing
      1. When you lean to your own understanding it will always end up in drama
      2. Faith has to be practiced in every component of your life. Trust God to meet your needs
      3. I’m trying to raise us up to have a passion for God no matter what the circumstance is.
    4. Faith has to say order my steps, which way to go, pay my bills, biblical principles
      1. Faith Incorporated
      2. To reply upon God
      3. To have Confidence in (trust
      4. Trust God (God has the ability to take care of me, needs, family


    1. The Helmet of Salvation
      1. It is designed to protect your head
        1. The seat of thinking and intellect
        2. Protects our way of thinking
    • Proverbs says as a man thinks so is he (thought life determines so much)
    1. We do Spiritual Warfare by protecting our thought life
    2. 2 Corinthians 10:3-6
      1. Cast Down
        1. Arguments: Imaginations, lower reasoning, computations, estimates (Wild Crazy Thoughts
          1. We cannot trust human logic
          2. Put aside fleshly efforts (even when it don’t line up God can make it work)
        2. Every High Thing: an elevated place
          1. Everything that goes against the word of God
        3. Take every thought into captivity
          1. Mental Perception: If it doesn’t measure up to the word it has to be cast out
          2. Arrest the thought and make it a prisoner
            1. It’s a discipline
            2. Putting on the whole armor every day and when I start with saying I have to take control of my thought life and if it ain’t from God I have to cast it out. If I’m looking at something or listening to something to brings up the darkness in my life I got to throw it out. Its Poison for Your Soul and it will affect your decisions, choices, words
            3. The only way I know is input large portions of scripture (verse a day and break it up in my life for the whole day) what happens if I do that for 30 days.
            4. My life (Prone to Depression, suicidal thoughts if I didn’t work this in my life daily I wouldn’t be here today. Is it hard Yes, but I rather do something that’s going to bless my life than do something to break my life
            5. The thoughts are not gonna stop but I recognize them quicker and I can tell the devil I see you, you don’t have any business up in my head, up in my heart, up in here. Get Out IM not LISTENING
            6. Most haven’t matured enough to realize that did not come from God
          3. Learn to Think Right
            1. Philippians 4:8
              1. Whatsoever is True: unconcealed
              2. Honest: honorable, noble
              3. Just: innocent, holy
              4. Pure: clean, modest
              5. Lovely: friendly towards others: not revenge, I will get you back(demonic)
              6. Good report: don’t bring me no trash
                1. Why do we like trash? It makes me feel good about my own mess
                2. Everybody got something you don’t want someone to know or are not proud of. You want it on the hush if you don’t want nobody to repeat your stuff don’t repeat theirs
              7. Virtuous: Excellence
              8. Praise: commendable, worthy of praise
            2. Think on these things. Think differently from the way the enemy wants you to think
              1. Romans 12:2


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