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Principles for Power Prayer Pt.2: Teach Me How to Pray
September 15, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Matthew 6:9-13
Ephesians 6:18

Principles for Power Prayer Pt.2: Teach Me How to Pray

September 15, 2021 / Matthew 6:9-13 Ephesians 6:18

Teach Us How to Pray

Matthew 6:9-13

7 Specific Components and Elements About Praying

Ephesians 6:18

  1. Posture of Prayer
    1. Praying Always
      1. Praying
        1. Directing my need & request towards God
        2. To Worship (Learn how to worship no matter what)
        3. Gods Credit is Good for Us (Lord I thank You Ahead of Time)
      2. Always
        1. Fixed toward God at all times
        2. I have the right spirit (when I come to God Im not mad or bitter)
        3. God knew before you know (He’s not shocked)
        4. Be in proper fellowship with God (Repent)
          1. Doesn’t mean always being down on my knees
  2.  Petition
    1. Prayer & Supplication
      1. Prayer: Worshipping God
      2. Supplication: To Beg or solicit
        1. The day we come In with worship
        2. The devil defeats us because of our focus
        3. No matter what you feel like, worship Him because He’s God
  3. Power
    1. Pray in the Spirit
    2. I’m not praying according to my flesh
      1. What I want instead of what God wants
    3. Allow the Holy Spirit to pray for/through us
      1. Romans 8:26-27
      2. We want Relief / Holy Spirit wants Growth
      3. According to the Will of God
    4. Not Programmed
      1. Matthew 6:7
      2. Words & Phrases repeated over and over
    5. Prayer Languages / Tongues
      1. 1 Cor 14:2, 14-15
      2. Allowing the Holy Spirit to speak things we don’t understand
    6. The only one that can defeat Satan is Jesus
      1. Jesus is operating in you through the Holy Ghost
        1. The Holy Ghost is your teacher and He is going to be the one that tell you what to say and what to do
        2. Then you release the faith from your mouth through prayer
  4.  Prudence
    1. Being Watchful
      1. Keep watchful, to be sleepless, not to hibernate
      2. Sleep mode means you just don’t care, stop praying, stop watching, and expecting how He is going to answer
      3. Not losing the faith (I don’t how but I know He will make away)
      4. He is Always on Time. Get up looking and Expecting. Hope maketh not ashamed
    2. How do We Pray
      1. Prayer involves making our request known to God-
      2. Phil 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, ( A) but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God
        1. A continual Posture of Prayer
          1. Tears Running Down My Face
          2. My Faith is boosted because I have the ability to communicate t Him and He has the ability to remind me How he has answered me
          3. Prayer involves casting our cares on Him –
          4. 1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you
          5. Prayer Is not Informing God
        2. Make our request known Phil 4:6, 1 Peter 5:7
          1. There is no situation to light to God
          2. Cast Your Cares because He cares for you
          3. What are you asking from God?
    3. Model for Prayer – P.R.A.I.S.E.
      1. God is a God of Order and structure
        1. Everything about God has order
        2. The universe, the human body, the earth
        3. We cant come in disorder. (Approach God with order and structure
      2. Matthew 6:9-13 After this manner, therefore, pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.11 Give us this day our daily bread.12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.

    P- Praise vs 9 He saved you from something

    • Spend time praising Him
    • Honoring Him
    • He woke you up this morning
    • Could’ve been killed but He kept you alive
    • The Name of God its reflecting the character of who he is (awesome, amazing, powerful hallow be thy name

    R- Reign or Rule vs 10 God’s will be done

    • God’s will shall be done.
    • He is in control, not my will but your will be done in my life
    • God calls the shots, order my steps
    • When He is in charge all things work together
    • Doors open that no man can close
    • He will do things that I haven’t even answered
    • Accommodate vs 11 He provides for my needs for today
    • Whatever I need you will supply today
    • We have to focus on one day at a time
    • Give us this day our daily bread

       I- vs 12  Ask God specifically for your wrongs,

      • Admit that you have sin
      • There is no if I have done
      • God already know what you did. Be specific
      • Confess what you do know

      S- Shield vs 13 God will keep us Shielded from things that are not good for us

      • God would shield us from that which is not healthy or prosperous
      • God would keep us from what we have no business having
      • The devil knows what your issue and desire and what your weaknesses are
      • We all have issues
      • He will put in front of you what you like. He will; bring it right into your atmosphere, exactly the way you like it
      • Pray Lord put a shield around me, keep me, let me keep my mind in the right place
      • Keep away from me what I don’t have the strength to keep away myself

      E- Empire vs 13 Pray that His empire be magnified

      • Pray that His Kingdom and Glory be magnified through us
      • He Get the Praise and the Honor not selfish gain
      • Prayer Takes Us to the Throne & Faith Unlocks the Door
      • Faith Places demand on God’s Promises
      • Mark 5:30 And Jesus, immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him, turned him about in the press, and said, Who touched my clothes?
      • The Promise was available for everyone but only one had the faith to access it
      • Romans 4:16 Therefore it is of faith that it might be according to grace, so that the promise might be [a]sure to all the seed, not only to those who are of the law, but also to those who are of the faith of Abraham, who is the father of us all
      • Our Faith is not just getting saved by faith and stopping at faith
      • Stay in Faith and Finish in Faith. I want All that God says I can Have
      • The best of God is not getting sick and then getting healed, the Best of God is when every virus, sickness, and disease that touch your body dies instantly that’s the best, That’s the Kingdom & Glory
      • Release Your Faith in the Spirit and let God take care of your situation
      • 2 Corinthians 1:20 For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.
      1. Persevere
        1. Pray with Perseverance
          1. To continue steadily in spite of opposition.
          2. Don’t let challenges stop you or slow you down. Keep pushing
          3. Your faith has to convert prayer from the seen realm to the unseen
          4. Faith can change anything
          5. According to your faith let it be unto you
          6. Forget about what you look like, Get to Where He is
          7. The enemy comes in to try and break your spirit but you have to keep your spirit built up. How?
            1. Proverbs 4:20 My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings.
            2. You only say what God has said
            3. You are not to say anything God didn’t say
            4. You are a representative of the Kingdom (ambassador)
            5. God is holding us accountable for the words we speak Matthew 12:36


        Jesus was teaching His disciples how to pray. Why? He was about to go. My job is to get you to the point where you don’t always have to depend on me. It’s not someone else who does your praying. My job is to have you learn how to have a pure and true relationship with God. You and Him.


        Have the God kind of faith. Have God’s Faith.

        It’s not your faith, It’s His Faith

        It’s His Righteousness, not your Righteousness

        It’s His Love, not your love

        Take His Name, not your name

        Take His Life, not your life.

        Everything God has for you has already been done. You just have to access It through Prayer and Faith in Jesus Christ.

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