Lord Heal My Wounded Soul: Pt.4 Extended Forgiveness
March 16, 2022
Main Scripture Reference(s)
1 John 1:9

Lord Heal My Wounded Soul: Pt.4 Extended Forgiveness

March 16, 2022 / 1 John 1:9

Lord Heal My Wounded Soul Pt. 4 Forgiveness

1 John 1:9

Ultimately in life there’s gonna be a moment where you’re gonna have to experience or extend forgiveness.

Your gonna either receive forgiveness or extend forgiveness.

We have all sinned and fallen short said thought pondered said that needs some forgiveness.  In all your religious pity you have done something that needs forgiveness

  1. God’s Actions ( what he has done)
    1. 1 John 1:9 faithful to forgive us , and cleanse us
    2. If you don’t learn and apply you will ride the roller coaster of guilt and shame
    3. If you don’t learn how to experience forgiveness Satan will drive you into worse behavior
    4. Most sin is only attempt to drown out the guilt ( can’t cuss it out, drink it out, sex it out, lie it out, gossip it out) only God can wash you and get it out
    5. Sins & unrighteousness
    6. Sin- off track, missed God’s standard. He is going to address our sins.
    7. Soon as I think I got myself together and (feet) I’m walking right then the Holy Ghost say your thoughts life but then he says what about your eyes ( you did a double-take) what about them words (gossip, lies, cussing from your feelings it was a sin) then what about that stuff you keep listening to, well you did well but what about that stuff living in your heart ( bitterness, pain, wounds, malice and I’m not pleased with what I see that anger, jealously got to get right
    8. And unrighteousness: done some acts that are just not right ( just wrong for that)
  2. Forgiveness:- to lay something aside leave it alone, send it away. Don’t go back and retrieve. Sins and iniquities I will remember no more. Spouse remembers but God doesn’t, friends remembers but God doesn’t. He has made provisions for you to be forgiven
    1. By the time he works it out on the right the left is blotted out
    2. The good news he cleared my record, wash me, forgave me
    3. Forgive and cleanse. He Forgave me but needed to clean up my mess. Who going to clean up the mess. God said just give me the time to clean up the mess
  3. Cleanses
    1. After He forgives me, there’s still a mess. If you just knew all he had to clean up you just don’t know where I come from
    2. We had a mess on our hands, drama on our hands, He cleaned it up
    3. All unrighteousness how: by the blood of Jesus


2. God’s Attitude

    1. Faithful and Just
      1. Faithful do what he says he will do
      2. People are unfaithful. Don’t compare God to yourself and your friends.
  • If he said it’s a done deal. God is always in a position where He always wants to forgive
  1. Just- to observe His divine laws
    1. Law indicate there is a cause and effect (for every action there is a reaction)
    2. The consequence to sin is based on divine law which supersedes just law. Should’ve gone to hell but divine steps in says they deserve but I got blood to cover.
  • He always wants to extend
  1. If we Confess our sins (Requires our acknowledgment
    1. The key to unlock. Of we confess is the conditional
    2. Vs. 6 if we, vs 7, 8, 10
  • Stop acting like you didn’t do it like you haven’t committed any sin, no regret or taking ownership that you missed the mark.
  1. I know I have done wrong and I need to make it right
  2. What opens God’s heart We are willing to admit we have sinned. We all done enough to bust hell wide open.
  3. When you don’t feel any wrong that’s a problem
  • If we confess and take ownership and I need some help because I want to live right.
  • We have to acknowledge our sins
  1. God has made provisions through the Love of Jesus Christ to wash our sins away( God wrapped up in flesh, stood in my place, Crucified. Here’s how I am forgiven. Blood was shed on Calvary to cleanse me of all of my sins. That’s Great News

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