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Heal My Wounded Soul Pt. 1 Faith is Now
February 9, 2022
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Mark 5:25

Heal My Wounded Soul Pt. 1 Faith is Now

February 9, 2022 / Mark 5:25

Heal My Wounded Soul

Mark 5:25

Below the line of truth. We can hear the word but won’t believe the word. How can they hear unless they have a preacher? I going to tell you about your promised land. It’s not way out there.

Heaven is one-dimensional. You just take one step and you’re in it

  1. Whatever You Need Has Already Been Reserved in Your Inheritance
    1. He wants you to finish your assignment strong
      1. What there? It’s not what you see, it’s what you don’t see.
      2. We have to be 1st of all Born Again
        1. Brings alive this inheritance
      3. Ephesians 1:3
        1. Are you already blessed? When?
        2. Everything God has for your life is already prepared
      4. Isaiah 57:15
        1. Where is God? Where is Eternity?
        2. Where is time in the midst of it?
      5. Faith Overrides Time
        1. Romans 4:17-20
        2. If you’re going to work in faith, you cant focus on time. If you work in time your not working in faith. We are working in eternity. We speak those things that be not as though they were. Why? Because they already are.
      6. Where is Jesus in this?
        1. Revelation 13:8
        2. When was Jesus Slain?
  • When were you blessed?
  1. Everything was done when?
  2. Where did He put it?  In Heavenly Places 1 Peter 1:3
    1. Notice What the Devil did
      1. He brings us into educated unbelief
      2. He tries to keep us in time (No Miracles There)
    2. Call things that be not as though they were
      1. Calling it by faith, faith cometh by hearing the word of God
      2. You build it in your spirit by saying in it
      3. I don’t care what your circumstance says, say what God says
  1. Faith is the Only Thing That Can Get the Replacement for Your Circumstance 
    1. Mark 5:25-28
    2. She Kept Saying
      1. With God All Things Are Possible
      2. God has a plan even when your messed up He will Clean You Up
      • He does it by Grace. Grace will love you so much it will make you want to be saved
    1. Violent Faith
      1. Mark 5:29
      2. When you move people and obstacles out the way so you can get your inheritance
      3. Satan loves to stack things around you so you won’t tap into what God has created for you
      4. When you keep falling short ask yourself what is in the way?
    2. Faith Takes Truth and Superimposes it over the fact
        1. Speak the truth it’s above the word. Where is the fact below the word
          1. Don’t focus on the tumor, focus on the word
          2. The word will build the faith from the invisible and replace the physical
        2. Matthew 4:4
          1. The word of God has been created to fulfill anything that had been conditioned in your life
          2. Proverbs 4:20-22 My son, pay attention to what I say; turn your ear to my words. 21 Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; ²²for they are life to those who find them and health (medicine) to one’s whole body.
            1. Attend Defined: Priority
            2. Hear the word
            3. Let them not depart from your eyes
          3. Stay on the medical Schedule
              1. This is our Gos(pill)
              2. Sower, Seed, Soil
              3. God is Superimposing
          4. The Word Has Creative Ability that can change your life
            1. What Created You ? Word, What is Going to Heal You? The Word
                1. The Word is Truth

3. Faith Can Fix Anything, The Word Will Regulate Everything

  1. There’s a Whole Economy in Heaven
    1. Ask and it Shall be Given, Seek and Ye Shall Find, Knock and the Door Shall be Open.
    2. Watch What You Speak
      1. The Regulations
      2. Relationship Overrules Religion
            1. 2 Timothy 3:5
            2. Saying Hallelujah but not getting our inheritance
            3. Whatever is happening in our life the word can dissolve and resolve
        1. Hebrews 10:38
        2. This is the way we will access God’s Dream for Us

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