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Psalmify | Week 7

July 14, 2024   /   Grace Community Church

Psalmify | Week 7 | Trusting the Lord in Suffering

Psalm 22 | Pastor Kyle Hall

On the Cross, Jesus Endured Great Suffering so That All Who Trust in Him Will Have Victorious Eternal Life

Crying Out in Suffering | v. 1-5

Amidst Jesus’ Worst Suffering, He Cried Out and Turned to His Father

Shame of the Cross | v. 6-8

Jesus Took On the Status and Shame of a Crucified Slave in Our Place

Sovereignty Before the Cross | v. 9-11

God’s Victorious Plan to Crush the Head of the Serpent Has Always Been Jesus on the Cross

Enemies of the Cross | v. 12-13

No Man Knows the Exceeding Sinfulness of Sin, but He Who Learns It at the Cross of Christ

Suffering on the Cross | v. 14-15

Jesus Is Able to Sympathize With You Because of Everything He Endured for You

Prophecies of the Cross | v. 16-18

Jesus’ Fulfilled Prophecies Proves He Is Who He Says He Is and Will Do What He Says He Will Do

Deliverance Through the Cross | v. 19-21

Victory Over Sin, Death, and the Serpent Only Comes Through Jesus

Praise Because of the Cross | v. 22-31a

In Response to the Cross, Our Call Is to Trust Jesus and Testify of His Goodness

Finished Work of the Cross | v. 31b

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