Who is This Man? Luke 5.17-26

February 25, 2024   /   Grace Fellowship Church Johnson City

Who is This Man?

Luke 5.17-26


Our hearts become cluttered to the point God’s will and ways cannot be carried out in us or through us.

Luke 5:


  • Pharisees

Jesus’ debates with the Pharisees would “be better seen as torrid insider debates between different versions of the same goal: the coming of God’s kingdom on earth as in heaven.” NT Wright






  • Son of Man: 25 times in Luke

  • Daniel 7.13-14

  • How Jesus uses Son of Man: speaks of earthly life and mission; talks of suffering, death, and vindication; referencing his future glory


“A miracle is a sign of God’s victory over the powers of evil. It is an announcement that the new order is at hand…The miracles of Jesus are not just a validation of his mission and his teaching. They embody and are part of the good news!” Justo Gonzalez

Questions to ponder:

  1. Am I in any way hindering someone from getting to Jesus?
  2. Am I becoming the kind of person who embodies the authentic Jesus?

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