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August 9, 2020


August 9, 2020   /   Monument Heights Baptist Church


Strengthened For the Struggle

I Samuel 18:1-16

1. In I Samuel 18:1-16 the life of David unfolds into four distinct relationships:

(1). David’s with , 1-4.

(2). David’s to the , 2 & 5.

(3). David’s with the , 6-7.

(4). David’s with , 8-16.

2. The Lord was going to make David into one of the greatest kings in human history, but in order to do that God had to him and him. The way God breaks and makes His great servants is through and .

3. DAVID’S WITH , 1-4.

(1). The friendship between Jonathan and David is one of the most noble relationships in the Bible. They bonded because there was a in and love for Israel’s God. Jonathan truly saw David as a man after .

(2). Friendships can’t survive on mutual admiration, they require . Friendship carries with it and to each other.

(3). Verse 4 demonstrates some initial costs of the covenant commitment:

Jonathan the next in line to the throne – stripped himself of the _______________ he was wearing and the he was carrying, and gave them to David – the gift anticipates the time when Jonathan will give up his right to the to his friend.

4. DAVID’S TO THE , 2 & 5.

(1). After the defeat of Saul permanently attached David to his staff. David went where ever the king sent him. He submitted to and God lifted him up above his contemporaries.

(2). In time Saul made David of a thousand men (18:13). David came to be by “Saul’s servants,” the people and the palace guard.

5. DAVID’S WITH THE , 6-7.

(1). It was the almost unanimous love of the people for David that drove a between him and Saul.

(2). For and in the name of His Lord David became so effective that his exploits were celebrated in.

6. DAVID’S WITH , 8-16.

(1). The king became insanely of Israel’s new hero.

(2). Saul tried to kill David by throwing a spear at him. He personally attempted to kill David more times. But God delivered David each and every time.

(3). What Saul could not do directly, he decided to try indirectly. He David to be captain over a thousand soldiers, hoping that the would help him get rid of his rival.


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