More Joy In Heaven – Luke 15:1-7

February 18, 2024   /   Lombard Bible Church

Message Title: More Joy In Heaven

Lombard Bible Church

February 18, 2024

Scripture: Luke 15:1-7


Message Outline:

How To Partner with Jesus in Bringing More Joy in Heaven

  1. … for unbelievers by name
  2. … unbelievers that God has placed in your life
  3. … for GOSPEL opportunities 

Your Own Notes:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Go around and everyone answer: What’s one thing that makes you happy? 
  2. We find what makes God happy in Luke 15:1-7. Read the Scripture twice with two different readers. Go around: what is one thing you are hearing from the Scripture? 
  3. According to Luke 15:7, what brings God joy in heaven? Why do you think God is happy about that? 
  4. How might someone who is already a Christian help make God happy according to Luke 15:7? Do you think today’s typical American Christian does that? Why/why not? 
  5. Have you ever witnessed a “lost person” becoming “found in the Lord” before? How did it happen? What caused that person to repent & turn to the Lord for salvation? 
  6. Would anyone here like to share the story of how they were once “spiritually lost” but became found by Jesus? 
  7. Challenge: Everyone write down the names of 3 people you personally know that you are not sure of their salvation. Commit to …  (1) praying for them (2) thinking of ways you can show love to them (3) looking for opportunities for them to hear the gospel
  8. Partner up: share the names of the 3 people on your list & their relationship with you. Pray for each others’ people on the list to be saved.

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