Temple Interrogation, Part 2

August 29, 2021   /   North Hills Church

Temple Interrogation, Part 2

Mark 12:28-34

Round 1 (last week): Sanhedrin challenge Jesus’ authority.

Round 2 and 3 will be available online as a bonus sermon.

Jesus, the Scribe, and the greatest commandment

1. See the situation

Positive feedback and an honest question from a religious leader!

2. See Jesus’ response

  • the rabbi’s challengeJesus’ source material:

Love : Deuteronomy 6:1-9 the “Shema” 

Love : Leviticus 19:18 


Jesus’ summary

Love God

Love others

  • Challenges the scribe’s location

“you are not far…”

The scribe recognizes accurate teaching but does not .

3. See Jesus focus on God

  • God’s Son, , opens God’s Kingdom. 
  • God’s greatest commandment is


What do we do with it?

  1. Love God – Is all of me all in on loving God? 
  2. Love others – Jesus’ teaching on loving in the worst case scenario (Matthew 5:38-48) 


  • Jesus’ greatest commandment is telling us to set love of God and love of neighbor as the bullseye of our obedience.
  • How am I demonstrating that the greatest commandment is my target in the area of politics, pandemics and platforms (social media)?


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