Friendship @ Work

August 14, 2021   /   Pastor Scott Hogle   /   New Hope Oahu

  1. Friends stand up and speak up to assist in stewarding God’s and for your life.  ‘Then Nathan asked Bathsheba, Solomon’s mother, “Have you not heard that Adonijah, the son of Haggith, has become king, and our lord David knows nothing about it? Now then, let me advise you how you can save your own life and the life of your son Solomon.’ 1 Kings 1:11-12 NIV

Action Step:  Affirm your friend’s assignment by reminding them of God’s calling on their life.

  1. Friends are courageous to Biblically and when necessary. ‘The LORD sent Nathan to David. When he came to him, he said, “There were two men in a certain town, one rich and the other poor.’  2 Samuel 12:1

Action Step:  Be willing to speak up like a Nathan or listen and receive like a David.


ffirm their value to you by articulating the qualities you appreciate and respect the most. 


onfront the issue w/candor, the person w/compassion.  


alk through the change you need to see, how you/others are affected, and the outcome or consequences if change does not occur. 

  1. Friends remind and declare to you God’s promises over your life. ‘…I declare to you that the Lord will build a house for you: When your days are over and you go to be with your ancestors, I will raise up your offspring to succeed you, one of your own sons, and I will establish his kingdom.  1 Chronicles 17:10-11 

Action Step:  Speak God’s promises to your friends, then ask them to do the same over you.   

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