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A Sincere Church

December 18, 2021   /   New Hope Community Church | sharingnewhope.org

“A Sincere Church”

Acts 5:1-42(nasb95)

#1. Every has that need to be

Acts 4:36-37(nasb95)

Acts 5:1-4(nasb95)

  • Don’t let impact your in Christ
  • If you are intentionally , you need to take that

#2. takes very

Acts 5:5-10(nasb95)

Gen. 18:25(nasb95)

How does Go deal with sin in our lives as believers?

  • He us
    Heb 12:5-11(nasb95)

  • He our

    You do not to be if you do, your will be .

  • He our sin
    Heb 4:13(nasb95)
    Luke 8:17(nasb95)
    Num. 32:23b(nasb95)
    Eph. 5:11-14(nasb95)

  • He lets us the of our sin

#3. When sin is , the becomes

Acts 5:11-16(nasb95)
I John 4:18(nasb95)

What does it mean to deal with sin?

  • A person their and from II Cor. 7:11(nasb95)
  • The seeks to it in
  • deals with it
    We love person, but we can’t love more than

    If we want to see God to in our , we first have to be willing to any among us

    If we want to be a part of a church that is , are we willing to be a people who are and for ?

    Acts 5:40b-42(nasb95)

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