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The Study of Nehemiah Week 2
June 14, 2021

The Study of Nehemiah Week 2

June 14, 2021

JUNE 14, 2021

A Basketball Approach

Pre-Game – watch film, study the opponent, game plan

1. What might God want to reveal about Himself?
2. What might God want humankind to understand about themselves?
3. How might God want us to respond?

A. The History of Nehemiah.
B. The timeline.
C. The Relevance.
D. The subject or word study

PLANNING YOUR PATH (Don’t Drop the Mic by Bishop TD Jakes)

A basic but effective way to shape your listeners’ expectations is to tell them up front: This is where we’re going and here’s how we will get there. You give them a little summary or overview, like a movie trailer or pop-up ad, to tease them with a preview of your coming attractions. At the same time, you don’t want to summarize or condense so effectively that they feel like they already know all you’re going to share with them. We’ve all seen movie trailers that show the film’s best moments and most dramatic scenes so thoroughly that we fell like we don’t need to see that movie at all!

Sometimes you can bring new life to an old message by changing the vantage point from which it is told. Like changing the key in which a song is played, you can also focus on a different theme, issue, or detail and achieve a new and different sound. This is especially true for the events included in Scripture. It can create an experience for your listeners that draws them into a scene as if they were there instead of merely telling them what you want them to know about it. It is the difference between summarizing the conversation you overheard and letting them eavesdrop and hear it for themselves.

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