Margaret Street Church of Christ
February 13, 2022


February 13, 2022

“COME WITH ME” SERIES – Acts 16:11-40

Time and Place: Around 51 AD (first century) in Roman colony of Philippi, Greece

Scene: Early morning, passing through the market place, on the way to work.

  1. In Acts 16:19-20, who had been seized?
  2. Why had they been “dragged into the market place”?  
  3. What were they being accused of doing?  
  4. According to the earlier context (Acts 16:6-15) what had Paul and Silas been doing in the area?
  5. Put yourself in that scenario (Acts 16:23-24). As a Roman soldier all of your life, as the jail keeper, do you feel anything for these “troublemakers”? 
  6. After having been severely beaten, thrown into stocks in the jail, what were Paul and Silas doing later?   Who were listening to them?  
  7. Why was the jailer about to kill himself?
  8. What answer did Paul give to the Philippian jailer’s question?
  9. We need to realize one of the purposes for which God often uses our circumstances is to show us , and to get us to .
  10. Is that ALL that was done? Did anything more happen after Paul responded to his question?
  11. Are there other verses that mention other things we must do “to be saved”? 

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