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Seven “I AM” Statements of Jesus
December 6, 2020

Seven “I AM” Statements of Jesus

December 6, 2020

Jesus made several “I AM” statements which reveal a deeper theological understanding to His deity. Just like the miracles confirmed His word, the metaphors He used to describe Himself proclaimed His deity. Let’s take a look at seven of them from the Gospel Account of John.

I. I AM the  (6:35)

A. Jesus is pointing out that there are two kinds of food:

1. Food for our .
2. Food for the .

B. While physical food is important, focusing on the spiritual and feeding our souls is of greater importance!

II. I AM the  (8:12)

A. Just as the Israelites were led by in the wilderness after they were saved from the Egyptians and crossed the Red Sea, so also are Christians lead by once we cross through water ().

B. It is not enough to just look at His light and to gaze upon it. We must ;
it is light to our feet.

III. I AM the (10:7)

A. As “the door,” Jesus made it explicitly clear, He is .

IV. I AM the  (10:11,14)

A. Being a “shepherd” became synonymous with .

B. Jesus as our Shepherd means He and even for us. Thus, we follow Him and know His voice.

V. I AM the  (11:25)

A. Notice a key pattern: Jesus doesn’t just talk about what He can do or give, but .

B. This statement means that Jesus comes as the , righteous and blameless in all His ways, to and (1 Cor 15:45)

VI. I AM the  (14:6)

A. The symbolism of the vine and branches is similar to that of the head and the body; we have a with Jesus and to Him. We are unable to live on !

VII. I AM the  (15:1)

A. There is , only Jesus provides the way!
B. There is only and it is Jesus Himself.
C. Only He can there is no other source.


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