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Becoming Like Little Children
July 12, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Matthew 18:3

Becoming Like Little Children

July 12, 2020 / Matthew 18:3

We often get too concerned about and caught up in worldly affairs. Jesus taught that we should become like little children if we want to enter the kingdom of heaven. How does one do that? Let’s study this passage and find out!


A. The disciples had a wrong view of the and their debate was about .

B. Their argument came about because of a heart problem called .

C. It seems that is the common thread through all sin. But the base evil of it remains disguised because of our and its sheer .

D. APPLICATION: Let the disciple’s attitude be a lesson of what looks like within the church. It is an example of being spiritually .

Scripture References: Matthew; 5:19; 6:33; 11:11; Philippians 2:4; 1 Corinthians 13:11


A. Children in Jesus’ day were held in and were mostly among society.

B. Jesus directs the disciple’s attention to something He has taught often. It’s called “.”  

C. APPLICATION: If we would focus less on status and more on , our homes and ministries would be entirely different! 

Scripture References: Matthew 19:30, 20:26, 23:12; Mark 10:43; Lk 13:30, 14:11, 22:26–27; John 3:16


A. How does one become like a child? Jesus said, “unless you are …” This word means .

B. When we get too busy with everything else, it can get .  


1. Little children do not

2. Little children do not . They do not hold or others .

4. Little children are not concerned with .

5. Little children don’t become , or , or .

6. Little children do not commit !

D. The world is not today than !

Scripture References: Acts 3:19; Romans 12:2; Matthew 6:25-26, 24:10; James 3:8-11; Revelation 1:9



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