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The Battle Behind the Scenes
February 12, 2023
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Revelation 12:1-17

The Battle Behind the Scenes

February 12, 2023 / Revelation 12:1-17

As we have studied the book of Revelation, the Tribulation is built around 7 seals, 7 trumpets, and 7 bowls. So far, all 7 seals have been broken and the 7th trumpet was blown at the conclusion of chapter 11. Starting in chapter 12 the Apostle John shares a series of signs. In his gospel account, he used the term ‘signs’ to demonstrate that Jesus was the promised Messiah. In Revelation, John uses the signs he sees as a means of encouragement for the church of the victory God has over Satan, the devil.

I. The Introduction (Rev. 12:1-6)

This passage is divided into three sections: The Woman – Israel (vss. 1-2), The Red Dragon – Satan (vss. 3-4), and The Male Child – Christ (vss. 5-6). What John de- scribes is how intent Satan was to kill the Messiah, Jesus. But we see that God protects Christ, along with His chosen people Israel. What is described in vs. 5b is Christ’s ascension following His redemptive work. We also see God protecting the Israelites by preparing a place in the wilderness for them. Although the wilderness was a time of wondering for the Israelites in Exodus, it was also a time of experiencing God’s presence and His provision.

  • As described in vs. 4, Satan was waiting to devour the Messiah. What are examples in the gospels of Satan trying to scuttle Jesus’ redemptive work (either by killing Him, tempting Him to sin, or attempting to halt His death on the cross).

  • List examples of God’s protection of Jesus in the gospels until His hour eventually came (the time for His crucifixion).

  • How does knowing that nothing enters our lives that God’s doesn’t allow give us encouragement to live for Him?

II. The Instigation of the Great Tribulation (Rev. 12:7-10)

This passage describes the fall of Satan and his angels. A battle in heaven is described, where two armies combat each other. Michael and his angels defeat Satan and his angels. As a result, they are thrown out of heaven. As much as Satan desires to defeat God, God has already won the war, both as described in this encounter in heaven and by the redemptive work of Jesus Christ, who paid the full price for our sins.

  • The term devil means ‘slanderer’, and Satan means ‘adversary’. What are examples of Satan living up to being a slanderer and adversary?

  • Verse 9 describes Satan as the one who deceives the whole world. Why is it important to realize he seeks to deceive us?

  • How can we arm ourselves against the deceptions of Satan?

III. The Persecution of Satan (Rev. 12:13, 15, 17)

Not being able to devour Christ, Satan turns his attention to Israel, and all those who accept the salvation of Christ (Christians). Verse 15 describes water like a river flowing out of his mouth. The river of water could represent a river of evil directed toward Christians to encourage them to sin.

  • This passage describes the origin of church persecution coming from Satan. What are ways he works to persecute the church?

  • What are examples of ways Christians can be used by Satan to create division within the church?

  • How can we equip ourselves again the temptations of Satan?

  • How can we encourage one another in the midst of temptation and persecution?

IV. The Protection of the Savior (Rev.12:14-16)

As Satan is turning up the pressure on God’s people, God provides for their protection and provision. God’s victory over Satan is complete. As much as Satan desires to see God’s people fail, and even reject Him, God provides a way of escape when His people are confronted with temptation.

  • 1 Cor. 10:13 describes how God will not allow any temptation to overcome us and will provide a way of escape. How can we leverage God’s equipping and way of escape?

  • How can the church help one another not succumb to the temptations of Satan?

  • Heb. 4:15 describes how Jesus sympathizes with us, He knows our situation because He was tempted as we are yet did not sin. How can knowing this help us not sin when tempted?

V. The Salvation of the Saints (Rev. 12:11)

Just as God is victorious over Satan, by the redemptive work of Christ, Christians are victorious as well. It is by ‘the blood of the Lamb’ that we overcome Satan. It is by that knowledge we are to live victoriously.

  • What does it look like to live victoriously?

  • The basis of the Christian life is to have a love for Christ, above even our own life. What are characteristics of a Christian who does that?

  • List one way you can show your love for Christ today.

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