Marysville Church of Christ
What Is Worship?
January 2, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Genesis 4:

What Is Worship?

January 2, 2021 / Genesis 4:

Guided Notes


Up: What Is Worship?


Opening of Worship:


The Mission of MCOC…


We believe that living in Marysville deserves the to say “yes” to King Jesus


The Vision of MCOC…

We believe the Bible gives us some clear directions for how to make our Spiritual Walk and help others have the opportunity to know Him.

This Vision is represented by our church

The Directions…

Up – , our reaching up to God

In – , our inner transformation by the Spirit

Out – , our sharing outwardly the good news of Jesus Christ

Over – , our being a blessing over our community in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit


Sermon Notes

What were some of the examples of “worship” given in the Old Testament?


One of the earliest examples of “worship” comes in the form of two unlikely characters and   

These two teach us that worship is us reaching  in trust and God reaching down in .

Among the “signposts” of the Old Testament were those of physical location. Name two of the physical locations that were – then – the site of worship. and

Jesus fulfilled the need for a physical location as He was the living example of these as He explained to the Samaritan woman, worship isn’t about a place, but is about worshipping in and in

Partnering of God and man, as our working definition of worship, teaches us worship is less about what we are doing and more about with we do it.


Join us next week as we explore why it is so important that our worship not be located in a place or relegated to a specific series of actions only, but instead it becomes the daily process of partnering with God to do life.

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