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New Battle… Same God
February 21, 2021
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Exodus 14:

New Battle… Same God

February 21, 2021 / Exodus 14:

Exodus 14: The Israelites finally cross the Red Sea.

  • God’s strange directions to confuse Pharaoh. — Exodus 14:1-4
  • Pharaoh goes after the Israelites and thinks he’s got them backed in a corner — Exodus 14:5-9
  • The fear of the Israelites, the faith of Moses, and the rebuke from God — Exodus 14:10-14
  • God’s instructions for deliverance — Exodus 14:14-18
  • God’s people cross the Red Sea — Exodus 14:19-31

Four weapons God gives believers to win every battle.

Hebrews 11:6 | 1 Corinthians 2:9-10 | Isaiah 61:1-3 | Exodus 14:13-14 | Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 | Matthew 6:34

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What Do You Think?

What struck a chord with you from Sunday’s service?

The story of your life.

  1. In light of the fact that we are coming up on a full year of locked down/significantly modified life, how are you doing?
  2. Pastor Kyle shared four weapons God gives believers to win every battle: faith over fear, glorifying God over grumbling, divine silence over human striving, and grace for today. Which do you feel you need the most in your life right now?

Digging Deeper.

  1. Many years after Exodus 14, God’s people found themselves with their backs up against the wall again in 2 Chronicles 20. The godly king Jehoshaphat trusted in the Lord yet still found himself, along with the people, in a position where they had to turn to the Lord for victory. Read verses 1-33 together and have a few members of the group recap the story using their own words.
    1. What does this story tell us about God? Trusting God in uncertainty? People? You?
    2. In both this battle and Moses’ battle against Pharaoh, God tells the people to stand firm (2 Chronicles 20:17 & Exodus 14:13-14). In what ways do you sense God asking you to “stand firm” right now?
  2. Whether or not we are willing to admit it, most of our battles are more internal than external. Romans 7:14-25 speaks to this internal struggle between what we know to be right and the sinful flesh warring within. Read it together and answer the following questions.
    1. If you were teaching a child the most important thing to know about this passage, what would you say? Have several group members chime in on this one.
    2. How have you seen the internal battle of Romans 7 ebb and flow in your own life?
    3. What tools/tips/strategies have you learned over the course of your life to have more victory?
  3. The following verses offer various actions and attitudes into what it means to “stand firm.” As you read each one, how does it help you better understand what it takes to stand firm in the Lord.
    1. 1 Corinthians 15:58.
    2. 1 Corinthians 16:13-14.
    3. Galatians 5:1.
    4. Philippians 4:1.
    5. In light of all these verses, is there anything you need to do differently?

Personal reflection and application.

  1. Have everyone in the group share something someone else said that resonated with you.
  2. Have each member share a prayer request and take a moment to pray together.

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