Jude – A Stick Figure Drawing of the Christian Life

October 11, 2020   /   Pastor Kyle Bonenberger   /   City Church [LoveHopeCity.com]

is the .

Jude 1-2; John 7:5; Matthew 13:53-58; Philippians 2:1-11.

The = the that the Holy Spirit uses to build/hold up our faith.

Jude 3-23; Psalm 119:105; 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

  • The Word brings with God.
  • The Word brings and .
  • The Word brings and .

is the that keeps our and our focus

Jude 24-25; Isaiah 61:3; Psalm 34:1; John 4:23-24; Romans 12:1-2.

Small Group Questions

What do you think?

What struck a chord with you from City Church’s most recent service?

The story of my life.

  1. Pastor Kyle talked about Jude being a bit like a “stick figure drawing” of the Christian life. With 1 being pastor Kyle’s stick figures to 10 being Leonardo Da Vinci, how much of an artistic person are you?
  2. In the introduction to his letter, Jude does not even mention the fact that he is a blood relative of Jesus. Instead, he humbly describes himself as “a servant of the Lord.” Humility is the foundation of a life that reflects Jesus. What is the greatest act of humility you have personally witnessed?

Digging deeper.

  1. Keeping in mind that Jude was among Jesus’ family, read Matthew 13:53-58 followed by John 7:5. Then answer the following questions.
    1. Have a few members of the group recap the story using their own words.
    2. What does this story tell us about God/people/you?
    3. What impact, if any, might these events have had on Jude’s life and ministry?
  2. Pastor Kyle talked about how God uses the Bible like walls or pillars to hold up the spiritual structure of our lives. Psalm 119 describes the benefits of God’s Word in the believer’s life unlike any other. Read the following sections one at a time sharing a tip or strategy to implement the verses you just read.
    1. Psalm 119:9-16.
    2. Psalm 119:17-18.
    3. Psalm 119:29.
    4. Psalm 119:37.
    5. Psalm 119:61.
    6. Psalm 119:71, 75.
    7. Psalm 119:105.
    8. Psalm 119:114.
    9. Psalm 119:162.
  3. Finally, read 2 Timothy 3:16-17 and answer the following questions.
    1. What do these verses suggest the Word accomplishes in our lives?
    2. Share about a time you have felt either the conviction, correction, or comfort of God’s word in a powerful way.

Personal reflection and application.

  1. Have everyone in the group share one thing (that someone else said) that resonated with them from this discussion.
  2. Take some time to pray for one another before closing the group.


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