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Hope in Uncertain Times
December 13, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Luke 2:22-38

Hope in Uncertain Times

December 13, 2020 / Luke 2:22-38

A hope-filled life has a trademark of daily .

Exodus 13:1-16; Numbers 3:11-13; Colossians 1:15; Luke 2:22-24, 36-38.A hope-filled life is constantly searching for God’s and God’s in life’s .

Psalm 130:5-6.A hope-filled life will be and must be .

1 Peter 3:15.


As we’ve said around here this year “Things change quickly with COVID.” Given everything going on with COVID in our area right now, we feel it is best to forego our in person Christmas gatherings we had planned. We know many of you are probably super bummed hearing about this. We are too. It just didn’t feel right to hold these extra Christmas gatherings where crowds are likely to turn up. The updated plan is for Christmas at City Church to go live online on Wednesday December 23rd at 7:07pm. Do everything in your power to log on right when the service goes live, share it with your friends, and join in on the chat. If you can’t watch the Christmas service at that time, it will stay up permanently afterward on both YouTube and Facebook.


We want to give our church an opportunity to make a special Christmas offering. Think of it as a financial gift to Jesus above and beyond the normal tithes and offerings. We realize that we are living in uncertain times and honestly we’re not expecting anything but we want to give those of you who would like to do this an opportunity to respond. Year end gifts help propel churches into the new year and set them up for success. We pray that God will move in your hearts as you see fit. If you would like to contribute, you can give via the web at and select “Christmas Offering” in the dropdown menu. You can also give via the Church Center App where that same Christmas Offering dropdown menu can be found. Additionally, you can always write a check to City Church and simply write “Christmas Offering” in the memo line. Thank you for trusting Jesus with your finances and us as your church.

Merry Christmas.

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